MyDispense at Monash Pharmacy School

7 April 2014

Monash University Pharmacy School engages in world-class research and has a long history as a leading provider of undergraduate and postgraduate education. The faculty’s curriculum is purpose designed for the study of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science and taught by discipline experts.

Monash Pharmacy School
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Through highly interactive dispensing exercises, MyDispense allows pharmacy students to develop skills and confidence in safe, best-practice dispensing of pharmaceutical products.
The web application supports a total dispensing experience, from initial communication with the patient and prescriber to professional advice when handing medicines to patients.
The application features a dispensing system with many features of commercial dispensing programs to give students an authentic experience in modern dispensing practice. At the end of each exercise, students receive rich, contextual feedback on their dispensing performance.
Students are able to explore patient-based scenarios that they’re likely to encounter in real life. Tutors can build new exercises by combining elements from a database of more than 300 patients and 1,500 pharmacy products to create limitless scenario variations. Students must make professional decisions to successfully complete the carefully graduated exercises.
The MyDispense environment is paperless for students; it utilizes virtual representations of patients, barcodes, labels and products.
Built using advanced web programming, it’s designed to run on the broadest possible range of computers. Being web based, it’s accessible from anywhere—on campus or from home—and doesn’t require downloaded plugins or additional software.

MyDispense: Working through an exercise

Monash University’s Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Program

Program: Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: February 2015
Duration: 4 years
Application deadline: While there is no set application deadline, applicants are strongly encouraged by Monash University to submit their Bachelor of Pharmacy applications before the end of September for the February intake.

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