Monash Master of Occupational Therapy graduates

13 October 2015

Occupational therapy, also known as OT, is concerned with promoting people’s occupational performance and health. This is done by assisting people in their adaptation to the demands of their environment, and promoting their capacity to perform daily activities in their occupation. Occupational therapists have a variety of career opportunities ranging from work in hospitals to rehabilitation units to school, and from workplace health and safety units to psychiatric clinics to research institutions.

Monash Occupational Therapy School
Study OT at Monash University

Master of Occupational Therapy Practice program at Monash University is a two-year, accelerated learning program that enables students with a first degree other than occupational therapy (but in a related field) to obtain a professional, entry-level qualification at a postgraduate level of study to practice as an occupational therapist.
Graduates of the Monash occupational therapy program will be able to

  • demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attributes appropriate for a competent entry-level practitioner;
  • develop strategies to enable individuals, groups and communities to participate in everyday occupations that they want and need to do;
  • appraise barriers to people’s participation and devise strategies to overcome these;
  • articulate the unique professional contribution of occupational therapy;
  • be client-centred in their approach;
  • critically appraise the nature and meaning of occupation, the occupational nature of human beings and the theories and basic principles related to enabling occupation and occupational performance;
  • explain biomedical and social sciences concepts underpinning occupational therapy practice;
  • be proactive in prevention-oriented and health promotion practice, demonstrating commitment to the health of populations as well as individuals;
  • describe different research approaches and be skilled at applying the best available evidence to everyday practice;
  • practice ethically, respectfully and collaboratively, and assume leadership, supervisory and management roles as appropriate;
  • create personal strategies to maintain high standards in their professional life, contribute to their professional community and engage in lifelong learning; and
  • recognise the intrinsic value of people irrespective of culture, values, beliefs and socio-economic status.
Program: Master of Occupational Therapy Practice
Location: Peninsula Campus, (approx. 40 km southeast of Melbourne)
Semester intake: July
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline: October 31, 2015

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