Monash invites you to Question the Answers

21 April 2016

Monash University and advertising agency GPY&R have launched a new national campaign, the first ever of its kind for the university.
The new “Question the Answers” campaign will be led by a short video featuring Australian actor David Wenham, which will air from April 13 across free-to-air television, in cinemas and on YouTube and key social media channels.

Monash University invites you to Question the Answers
Monash University invites you to Question the Answers campaign (Image: Monash University)

Monash President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner AO said the campaign aims to communicate the challenge and curiosity that fuels higher education and what Monash University represents as an institution that values innovation, persistence and impact.
“We decided that when we did this video we would attempt to have it express the essence of what it was to be part of the Monash community. That essence is to be challenging, so the campaign had to reflect that in order to be a true representation of Monash and the way it has always approached the world. This campaign shows that we are prepared to ask questions that matter, seek challenges and search for new answers. We want to create that opportunity for our students,” Professor Gardner said.
Monash University has been working with GPY&R over the past six months to create the campaign, which also includes multiple outdoor and digital components.
Mr Jake Barrow, Creative Director GPY&R Melbourne, says that the challenge in developing this campaign was in communicating a mindset that cut through current perceptions of the higher education sector, challenging conventional thinking.

“With a strategy like this we set out to create something that was pretty un-university-like. So there was always a pretty good chance we weren’t going to show a group of students playing Hacky Sack in the quadrangle,” Mr Barrow said.
The campaign will run throughout the year, bringing to life examples from the Monash community, both people and projects, which embody the philosophy of challenging the status quo in order to make an impact in the world.

Why Canadians Enjoy Studying at Monash University

Students from Canada choose Monash due to its highly regarded reputation for excellence and that its name is highly respected by employers internationally.
Monash University also attracts internationally-respected lecturers, and although Monash is a large institution, its staff-student ratio is higher than that of the average Australian university, which ensures that students receive more focus and time from academic staff.
As one of Australia’s largest universities, Canadians enjoy the both resources and facilities available at Monash University and the diverse international student population on campus. The city of Melbourne is a key attraction for students from Canada, and students particularly enjoy attending Monash’s main suburban campus, Clayton.
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