Monash clears the air for a smoke-free environment

23 June 2014

As Monash University values the health of all staff, students and visitors, we are taking another step towards a healthier environment.

Monash University in Australia
Monash University aims to be smoke-free by 2016

From July 28, 2014, smoking will be prohibited at any Monash campus or site, including Monash vehicles, except for the designated smoking points. This applies to all staff, students, contractors and visitors.
Under the smoke-free initiative, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes and electronic nicotine devices will be prohibited, along with any other implements that emit harmful or toxic smoke for the purpose of inhaling. Substances that contain tobacco leaf, including hookah tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, dipping tobacco, bidis, blunts and clove cigarettes, will also be banned.
All cigarette bins and ashtrays will be removed, except for those at the designated smoking points.
Transitioning to a smoke-free campus requires respect for others, both non-smokers and smokers. After July 28, 2014, you are free to respectfully and politely remind smokers that they must only smoke at designated smoking points.
The second and final phase of the smoke-free initiative will be implemented following a consultation process with stakeholders, with the removal of smoking points in 2016.
Monash University actively supports staff who wish to quit or reduce smoking through a range of services. University Health Services, counselling, and funded workplace QUIT programs are all available to staff.