Mid-year Intake Physiotherapy Degrees in Australia

11 July 2024

Did you know physiotherapy degrees in Australia are a popular choice for Canadian students?

Learn more about Australian physiotherapy degrees for Canadians

Australian graduate-entry physiotherapy degrees are highly sought after by Canadian university graduates with academic backgrounds in kinesiology, health sciences, and human kinetics.

In fact, Australia is ahead of the curve when it comes to leading-edge physiotherapy research and practice. In Australia, physiotherapy is a strong academic and clinical discipline, and physio research drives its teaching and learning. This provides students with opportunities to be educated in contemporary, evidence-based clinical practice, and it’s one of the main reasons Canadians choose to undertake their physiotherapy degrees in Australia.

Multiple Intakes

Australian universities also offer multiple intakes through the year, so you can begin your studies as soon as possible.

Most programs in Australia start in January, February, or March, which is generally the beginning of their standard university year. Some graduate physiotherapy programs, however, offer additional intakes during the year. This means that if you only have one semester left in your degree, or if you’re missing a prerequisite or two, you can finish your undergraduate studies by December and still start your physio degree as early as May the following year.

But what do your program options look like and what’s the best fit for you?

In this article, we’ve compared the main characteristics of mid-year intake physiotherapy programs, so you can make an informed decision about where to apply.


Physiotherapy Degree Fast Facts

Bond University Doctor of Physiotherapy
Intake: May
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Available seats: 30 – 40 international (60 – 80 total)
Duration: 2 full calendar years (6 trimesters)

Maquarie University Doctor of Physiotherapy
Intake: July
Location: North Ryde (suburb of Sydney), New South Wales
Available seats: 30 international (90 total)
Duration: 3 years

Monash University Doctor of Physiotherapy
Intake: July
Location: Frankston (suburb of Melbourne), Victoria
Available seats: 15 international (35 total)
Duration: 3 years

University of Queensland Master of Physiotherapy Studies
Intake: November
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Available seats: 15 international (45 total)
Duration: 2 years (4 regular semesters & 2 summer semesters)


About Australian Physiotherapy Degrees

Bond University
Bond’s Doctor of Physiotherapy program is renowned for its unique blend of problem-based scientific learning, practical application, and more clinical hours than any other physiotherapy degree in Australia. Your classes will primarily be delivered at the Bond Institute of Health and Sport, where you will have access to advanced facilities and equipment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to undertake innovative and clinical research projects. In your final semester, you’ll complete a practical research project with a companion subject, when you’ll learn how to undertake research to inform evidence-based physiotherapy practice.

The bonus? You can complete this DPT in just two years with six trimesters of study.

Macquarie University
Macquarie views learning and teaching as a crucial mechanism to enhance the quality of healthcare and facilitate the translation of research into evidence-based practice. They use reflective practice and enquiry-based learning to ensure you’ll become a lifelong learner able to deliver evidence-based, person-centred healthcare across the lifespan, which considers both restorative and preventative aspects of healthcare. As a graduate, you will possess advanced clinical skills as well as business, management, and leadership training and will be ready to launch a fulfilling career as a physiotherapist across a broad range of health-care setting.

Monash University
The Monash Doctor of Physiotherapy is designed around case-based learning with fully integrated curriculum that combines self-directed learning opportunities with high-quality lectures and tutorials. Monash offers early work-integrated learning, where you’ll see physiotherapists in action, take part in simulation activities, and practice your new skills in our physiotherapy practice labs and rehabilitation gym on campus. You’ll also have opportunities to learn collaborative practice alongside students from other areas of health, preparing you to provide the best possible patient care.

University of Queensland
This program will equip you with the theoretical knowledge, skills, and professional attributes for a career in physiotherapy. You’ll develop specialist diagnostic and clinical skills to provide competent physiotherapy service to clients as part of an interdisciplinary healthcare team. You’ll build knowledge and practical skills in evidence-based therapeutic interventions, such as exercise prescription and manual therapy for injury prevention, health promotion and optimizing function, in clients across the lifespan.


Clinical Hours & Placements

Bond University
Bond exceeds CAPR’s required minimum hours of supervised clinical practice with up to 1,400 hours of hands-on, patient experience in the full spectrum of clinical settings. Placements are sought in a variety of settings across the full spectrum of clinical areas including orthopedics, cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, neurological, ortho-geriatric, rehabilitation, chronic disease, disability, occupational, and sports practice.

Macquarie University
The Macquarie Doctor of Physiotherapy program consists of a combination of coursework and supervised clinical placements in both traditional and contemporary settings, including corporate organizations, public and private healthcare facilities, sporting bodies, and within the community. As a Macquarie DPT student, you’ll participate in more than 1000 hours of clinical practice to effectively assess, diagnose, and treat people with movement disorders.

Monash University
Monash partners with some of Victoria’s major healthcare providers to give you access to high-quality clinical training. Your placements will take place in a range of facilities, from hospitals to rehabilitation centres to private practice. Your placement could take you to the Alfred, Australasia’s largest trauma centre, community rehabilitation with Peninsula Health, or even with a rural healthcare service.

University of Queensland
With 1,000 or supervised clinical training, you’ll benefit from extensive placements in UQ Physiotherapy Clinics, aged care and community services, hospitals, schools, and other healthcare organizations and private practices, allowing you to apply your learning with real clients.


Admissions Requirements

Bond University
Completed bachelor’s degree (health science preferred) in a related discipline with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 and have an extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Human anatomy (2 semesters)
  • Human physiology (2 semesters)
  • Biomechanics (1 semester)
  • Research design/statistics (1 semester)
  • Physiology of exercise (1 semester)

Successful performance at a selection interview.

Macquarie University
Completed health science bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 and have extensive knowledge in the following areas:

  • Human anatomy (cell systems and musculoskeletal)
  • Human physiology (cell and systems)
  • Psychology
  • Research methods / statistics

The courses in the following subject areas are desired yet not mandatory:

  • Biomechanics
  • Pharmacology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Pathophysiology
  • Motor learning and performance
  • Neuroscience

Monash University
Completed health science bachelor’s degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7/4.0. Your bachelor’s degree must include a minimum of 2 of the 3 following prerequisite subject areas:

  • Human anatomy (one semester)
  • Human physiology (one semester)
  • Biostatistics (one semester; research methods/statistics also considered)

Applicants will only be permitted to do 1 prerequisite subject as non-award study (i.e., outside your bachelor’s degree).

University of Queensland
Completed undergraduate degree (related discipline preferred), from a recognized university with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5/4.0 and have extensive pre-existing knowledge in the following areas:

  • Human anatomy, including musculoskeletal anatomy (one semester)
  • Human physiology, including systems (one semester)


Upcoming Intakes & Application Deadlines

Bond University
Next available intake is May 2025 with rolling admissions. Please submit your application documents by the end of July to be included within the first round of interviews. Final application deadline is typically mid-November. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible for improved chances of getting a seat as this program fills quickly.

Macquarie University
Next available intake is July 2025 with an application deadline at the end of January. While the application deadline is generally the end of January, offers are made throughout the year based on academic merit and subject to availability in the program. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible as this program can fill quickly.

Monash University
Next available intake is July 2025 with rolling admissions. Offers are made throughout the year based on academic merit and subject to availability in the program. You are encouraged to apply as early as possible as this program can fill quickly.

University of Queensland
Next available intake is November 2024 with an application deadline at the end of August. Applications are assessed on a rolling-admissions basis (as they are received)–the sooner you apply the better. This program usually fills early, which is the case for this year! You are encouraged to apply as early as possible for improved chances of getting a seat as this program fills quickly.


What Do OzTREKK Students Say?

Bond University
“Facilities on campus are amazing, best university I have ever been to. Educators are amazing and small class sizes are extremely beneficial to the overall learning experience. I like the class sizes, course material, teaching methods, and the instructors are amazing. Get ready to have the time of your life, whilst learning from the top minds in the profession. Make friends and remember to enjoy your time. Explore this wonderful country. (Matthew C, DPT, 2023)

Macquarie University
“[I like] the beautiful facilities, my Aussie mates and the welcoming atmosphere at Macquarie uni. The classes are broken into cohorts you follow through the semester with, this is great because you develop strong relationships within your cohort. A prominent online component is followed up with highly practical physiotherapy classes.” (Ayden H, DPT, 2023)

Monash University
“Great program but the school is relatively far from everything else in Melbourne. I like the class size.” (Kevin L, DPT, 2022)

University of Queensland
“Very well-established program, uses evidence-based practice in all of their lectures, has lots of hands on practice time and highly educated professors… I like how we have tons of professors continuously giving us feedback and how the program genuinely takes our opinions into consideration with the course structure and what we feel we need to be better practitioners. I don’t like how it is an accelerated version of the bachelor’s program and not its own independent program.” (Adrienne P, MPT, 2023)


What Are Your Next Steps?

If you see a program that interests you, please reach out to OzTREKK’s Rehab Sciences Team at rehabsci@oztrekk.com to learn more, or jump ahead and start your application. We’ll be here to guide you through it all!