Melbourne Veterinary Science and Hospital Open Day through my eyes as an OzTREKK student – Part 3

6 May 2014

This story is a continuation of Melbourne Veterinary Science and Hospital Open Day through my eyes as an OzTREKK student – Part 2, a blog written by OzTREKK and Melbourne DVM student Ashley Saunders.

University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Visiting the radiology room

After I had my horse fill, we moved on to the exciting part of the campus, the radiology room! This room really excites me as there are so many machines and neat technology.
Across the hall from these two rooms is a padded recovery room for large animals. This is for when they are recovering from anesthesia, they have a safe place to wake up. It is padded all the way around so if they stumble to their feet and fall, they are protected by a soft landing. There was a Melbourne Veterinary School student volunteering to explain how this room works.
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Incubator for newborn animals

They also had a display of x-rays for the public to see, and professors there to show the different bones in the pictures. They also had lead aprons for people to try on to see how heavy they actually are.
There was also an atom infant incubator set up for people to see how newborn animals are incubated if born with problems.
Open Day was very interactive for the public, children and future students to be involved. They had a station set up to learn how to administer IV fluids as well as learn how to bandage paws.
We started to get hungry so we ventured out to the lawn for barbecued sausage from the Veterinary Students Society of Victoria (VSSV) barbecue. The weather had once again changed and now it was about 25 degrees and sunny! While we were eating lunch, Edgar’s Mission Group had one of their pigs for show. We got to enjoy “Polly” the pig beg for treats and make little kids laugh.
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Holding “Angus,” the python

Another special appreciation group of the University of Melbourne had a booth set up. This was the Wildlife Appreciation group. Trent had his python “Angus” there for people to see and touch. I was brave enough to get up close and personal with “Angus.”
After our lunch and a few minutes in the nice sunshine, we headed back inside to complete our campus tour. Our next stop was the Anesthesia room, where final-year Melbourne DVM and OzTREKK student Jenah Drew was showing the public how to anesthetize an animal and how the machines work to monitor their heart rate.
They also had an endoscope demonstration. This was a really interactive demonstration as they had a cardboard dog with candy in his stomach, and the public was able to use the endoscope to find the candy that they wanted that was in the stomach. The little kids really enjoyed learning about endoscopy!
After we got to view the Daily Procedures room. Then we headed to the Consult rooms.
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
With fellow OzTREKK student Amanda (right)

On the way out of the small-animal hospital, the lobby had a booth of PR assistant dogs. I was so happy to see so many happy dogs. I got a nice snuggle with “Tigger.”
Our next stop was the Reptile Education of Victoria exhibit.
Here they had a brown snake for the public to see. They discussed to importance of not handling these snakes as they are extremely poisonous. This snake had no venom and they explained to children that many movies/shows etc. show people handling these non-venomous snakes and that the ones in the wild are extremely dangerous.
We went inside to check out the snakes and crocodiles. I had to admit—I didn’t like this exhibit much!
We then headed to the Student Welfare Appreciation Group’s exhibit, which was a petting zoo. I was extremely happy because I cannot get enough of animal snuggles!
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Heading back to Melbourne, Rachel at the wheel

We also got so see some chickens—but they were very hard to get pictures with. My favourite part was holding the baby rabbit. He was so soft and cute!
We Melbourne DVM students were in our glory with all the animals around! We sure did pick the right profession to be in!
The day was coming to an end and the open house had a great turnout! I got to meet lots of new people and some OzTREKK upper-year students.
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Sally Mujaj, myself, Amanda Mamo

Anna, Amanda, Sally and I decided to head back to Melbourne. We were going to take the train back when a fourth-year student overheard our conversation. She so kindly volunteered to drive us back to the city. It is so nice to be a part of a school where all the students are so friendly and help each other out! Rachel drove us home and I thought I would document the steering wheel on the opposite side. (See photo on right.)
Overall, I couldn’t have picked a better school to do my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine!  Even though the weather changes a million times a day, I have made the most amazing friends ever! The city is so clean and so multicultural that you can find almost anything you need! I say “almost” because I am missing my Tim Hortons! Ha ha!
OzTREKK prepared me for everything I needed to adapt to my new home in Melbourne. I am so thankful for their company and all of their hard work helping me along the way. I would be pleased to help anyone interested in applying to the Melbourne DVM! You can ask OzTREKK Admissions Officer Rachel Brady or anyone else at OzTREKK for my email address if you have any questions about the program, the city, or how I am coping living so far away from home!
Ashley Saunders
OzTREKK Student DVM year 1, from Wasaga Beach, Ontario

University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Jenah shows how to anesthetize
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Cuddling with sweet “Tigger”
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
How to administer IV fluids
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Pretty “Polly” made kids laugh
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Reptile exhibit, yay!
University of Melbourne Veterinary School
Padded recovery room

About the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program

Program title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: Late February/early March 2015
Program duration: 4 years
Application deadline: December 20, 2014. It is strongly recommended that students apply at least three months prior to the program start date.
Entry Requirements
Eligible applicants must have completed

  • an undergraduate science degree (minimum three-year degree with majors in Agriculture, Animal Science, Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Physiology or Zoology); and
  • prerequisite subjects including at least one semester of study in each of cell biology or general biology, and biochemistry.

Selection into the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program will be primarily based on academic achievement. Selection will be based on results (grades) obtained in your final year undergraduate science subjects as well as your second last year (penultimate) undergraduate science subjects, weighted 75:25 toward the final year subjects. Applicants with a 75% average or above should apply.

Apply to Melbourne Veterinary School!


Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Veterinary Schools Officer Rachel Brady at or call 1-866-698-7355 (toll free in Canada) to find out how you can study in Australia! Learn more about studying veterinary medicine at Melbourne Veterinary School.

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