Melbourne Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition 2015

23 October 2015

An e-tool that allows visually impaired people to detect hazards and obstacles is just one of the student inventions that will be launched at the Endeavour Engineering & IT Exhibition 2015, the University of Melbourne’s showcase of design projects.

University of Melbourne Engineering and IT School
Clever engineering from the University of Melbourne can help unlock the future (Image credit: University of Melbourne)

This year, projects include designing robotic arms and emergency cooking methods for refugees.
The Exhibition is hosted annually to showcase the engineering and IT technology of tomorrow, as designed by final-year students.
Endeavour’s Academic coordinator Professor Andrew Western said Engineering and IT is everywhere, and generates new knowledge through diverse research projects.
“Clever engineering can help unlock the future and allows for exciting initiatives to come to light and ultimately improve our lives and the world we live in,” Professor Western said.
“In the case of the e-tool for visually impaired people, students are working on canes with obstacle-detecting capabilities to help avoid risky situations.
“The automated obstacle-detecting cane is both low-cost and portable, and is capable of reliably informing of any obstructions and dangers in front of the user. This is achieved through the use of ultrasonic reflection and video camera image processing.”
Another group made the decision to improve the system design to reduce the sound of trams wheels.
Student Benjamin Kaufman said the screeching of a tram’s wheels as it rounds a corner is a sound all Melbournians are familiar with.
“Our group decided the noise and wheel wear could be significantly reduced as the wheels turn.”

About the Melbourne School of Engineering

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