Macquarie University takes pioneering approach to branding

11 September 2015

Macquarie University has announced that it is rolling out its new ‘Pioneering Minds’ campaign.
Utilising emotive images to highlight global issues and how Macquarie University is taking an innovative approach to help solve them, the campaign aims to showcase the university’s rich history of transformative learning and teaching.

Macquarie University Australia
The Macquarie Lighthouse has a long association with the university

“The academics and students at Macquarie University are addressing today’s global issues with a pioneering approach to how they think and apply their knowledge,” said John Chatterton, Macquarie University’s new Chief Marketing Officer. “Our campaign will centre around those issues that we all care about because they impact the society in which we live. We’ll showcase them in creative ways that is distinctive in the higher education marketplace.”
Campaign images will be shared across print and digital channels in the coming months. The campaign will kick-off with ads focused on the global issues of counter terrorism and emerging economies.
“Macquarie University has taken a pioneering approach to the way students study, developing its signature Professional and Community Engagement program that takes students into the heart of their career well before they graduate,” Chatterton said. “They can study counter terrorism with military intelligence experts who have a combined one hundred years of experience. Or, they gain firsthand knowledge of emerging economies by living in them for a session.”
Chatterton joined Macquarie University in April as the interim Marketing Director. In his new role as Chief Marketing Officer, he will continue to oversee the university’s large marketing team to enhance Macquarie’s brand distinction in the market.
A marketing veteran with more than 20 years of experience in leading creative teams to develop brand reputation, positioning and campaigns, Chatterton has held roles at some of the world’s most respected consumer goods organisations.
“As a marketer, I’m excited about the opportunity to lead this team through a period of change and transition at Macquarie University,” Chatterton said. “Our academics and students are taking a pioneering approach to study and research, and I can’t wait to tell those stories in a creative, impactful way.”
The campaign is the first under Macquarie University’s new branding, unveiled in January 2015. As part of the branding, the Macquarie Lighthouse was re-introduced as the symbol of the university. Named after Lachlan Macquarie, the fifth Governor of New South Wales—a man noted for his humanitarianism and interest in education—the Macquarie Lighthouse has a long association with the university as part of the University Arms and serves as a strong metaphor for the university’s future ambitions.
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