Macquarie University lists 10 in-demand jobs of the future

6 January 2017

Disruptive technologies, climate change, robotics, natural resource limitations, renewable energy, the sharing economy, the cloud, big data and ageing populations are just some of the issues shaping the way we work today, and these issues will continue to impact the careers of the future.

Macquarie University lists 10 in-demand jobs of the future
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If you are just starting out on your career journey or contemplating a career switch, this is a great opportunity to position yourself for an exciting and prosperous career in a wide variety of emerging industries.
Three million new jobs are expected to be created in the next 15 years, with entrepreneurialism, connectivity and the human touch expected to be big drivers of future careers.
Want to further your education but not sure where your career will be in 10 years? Macquarie University has outlined some of the most in-demand jobs for you! The following jobs are popular now and will become more sought after in the future, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics.

1. Accounting and finance

Demand for some accounting and finance professionals has increased by 44% and will increase by another 22% by 2020. Meet the demand by studying the  Bachelor of Leadership and Commerce or Master of Accounting.

2. Marketing

Fifteen percent more advertising and marketing professionals will be needed by 2020. Make your mark by studying a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Media or Master of Commerce specialising in marketing.

3. Education

Demand for all education professionals will continue to outgrow other professions by 2020. Demand for early childhood experts will increase by 27% and special education teachers by 21%. Change a child’s future by studying the Bachelor of Education or Master of Early Childhood.

4. Information technology

Demand for information technologies professionals will increase by up to 26.5% by 2020. Create an innovative future by studying a Bachelor of Information Technology or Master of Information Technology.

5. Engineering

22% more telecommunications specialists will be needed by 2020. Engineer a better future by studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) or Master of Engineering.

6. Intelligence and policy

In the past five years, demand for intelligence and policy analysts has grown by 21.4%. Help make the world a safer place by studying the Bachelor of Security Studies or Master of Cyber-security, Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.

7. Medical and health

Up to 40% more health and community services professionals will be needed by 2020. Learn more about the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) or Doctor of Physiotherapy, which is extremely popular with Canadian students!

8. Actuaries and statistics

Demand for actuaries, mathematicians and statisticians will increase by almost 10% by 2020. Get the quantitative and qualitative skills you need to speak the language of business with a Bachelor of Business Analytics, Bachelor of Science or Master of Actuarial Practice.

9. Environment

Demand for environmental scientists will increase by 4% by 2020, with significant growth globally. For example, the United States expects to see an 11%* increase by 2024. Start a sustainable job by studying the Bachelor of Environment majoring in Environmental Earth Science or Master of Environment specialising in environmental science.

10. International relations

The development of regional trade agreements around the world will increase job growth for policy analysts by 3% and government officers by 15.4% by 2020. Consider the Bachelor of Social Science majoring in political economy and social policy or Master of International Communication with Master of International Relations.

*Bureau of Statistics (United States)


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