Macquarie part of new international research partnership

10 March 2015

The German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) has awarded 1 million euros to support the development of a trilateral strategic research partnership between the University of Hamburg (Germany), Macquarie University and Fudan University (China).
The funding, to be provided over four years, will support a range of activities including providing international training opportunities for Masters students and PhD candidates, the development of dual and joint degree programs and facilitating joint research initiatives.

Macquarie University, Australia
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The trilateral partnership between Macquarie, Hamburg and Fudan started through Cotutelle and Joint PhD arrangements between the three institutions. The research partnership provides staff and students from all three universities opportunities for professional growth and exchange, and for collaborative research and publications.  So far, the partnership has identified research projects in areas such as urban development, marine and coastal systems, physics, climate change, cancer research and further work is being carried out to support the development of future collaboration in other disciplines.
The partnership is an important milestone in Macquarie University’s approach to internationalisation which is focused on developing deep and broad-based partnerships that enhance opportunities for students to study internationally and support diverse and innovative collaboration by our academic staff.
The University of Hamburg is one of Germany’s largest universities and one of the largest institutions for research and education in the north of Germany. Located in Shanghai, Fudan University is one of China’s leading universities, and also one of its oldest.  Both universities are ranked in the top 200 globally.

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