Macquarie Graduate School of Management moves up to 28th in the world

27 October 2015

The Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) has moved to 28th in the world in rankings produced by The Economist, putting it in the top three business schools in the Asian timezone.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management
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Dean Professor Alex Frino said the rankings reflected significant improvements made to the MGSM offering over the past two years.
“We have been focused heavily on our flagship Women in MBAs program, which has seen a significant increase in women participating in our degrees as well as $2.4 million in new scholarships,” he said. “We have also increased our staff-to-student ratios, implemented a strong alumni program and relaunched our career advisory service linking graduates with a wide range of professional opportunities.”
MGSM has seen more than 200% growth in international student applications over the past year, a result Professor Frino links to the improved ranking.
“Rankings are extremely important to international applicants, and we have seen a steady increase as we have incrementally improved our program and subsequently climbed the important rating scales,” he said. “Our top 100 Financial Times result early this year was the first significant demonstration of our improvement in quality and now to be top 30 in The Economist makes us very proud indeed.”
Education continues to be an important export for Australia and results like this improved the country’s reputation overall, Professor Frino said.
“We really want to ensure that Australia is a destination of choice for professionals from all over the world who want to further their education with a world-class degree,” he said. “We’ve been very active in promoting Australia globally and I believe strongly that education will grow in importance as a plank of the Australian economy over the near term.”
Professor Frino said that the Macquarie Graduate School of Management had invested in some significant new programs to roll out in 2016, further focusing on diversity in education.
“We’re working right now on a very exciting project that builds on the Women in MBA program,” he said. “Our sole aim is to produce leaders with a social conscience and a global mindset and we’re continually deepening our offering towards this goal. I’m looking forward to announcing our next important program in this area before the end of 2015.”

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