Macquarie chiropractic graduate practicing in Canada

29 August 2016

Here’s a story from an Australian university graduate who agrees with us wholeheartedly about the value of international study. He is living proof that you can study in Australia, and practice in Canada!
Meet Dr Ryan Coster, a licensed chiropractor working in New Brunswick. Dr Coster chose to pursue his chiropractic degree at Macquarie in New South Wales. His praise of the university, its world-class chiropractic education, and his success of coming back to Canada to practice is encouraging for future students considering studying in Australia. Here is his story:

Macquarie chiropractic graduate practicing in Canada
Macquarie chiropractic graduate Dr Ryan Coster, DC MChir BSc BSBA

When deciding to pursue a career in chiropractic, there were many decisions to be made regarding which university to attend. In the end, I decided to accept an international student position at Macquarie University’s Department of Chiropractic, where I would spend four years attaining a postgraduate chiropractic degree.
The main reason I chose to study at Macquarie University, besides for the amazing international experience, was because studying at a publicly funded university with access to world-class cadaver dissection labs was of utmost importance. I wanted to be trained at the highest possible level regarding anatomy training and coursework. The program was fabulous, staffed with experienced clinicians and knowledgeable professors. Facilities were state-of-the-art and housed new equipment for proper training. The entire experience was extremely positive and I highly recommend the program.
If you intend to return to Canada after graduation, you must write and pass the Canadian Chiropractic Examining Board exams to obtain licensure in any Canadian province to practice chiropractic. My advice is to write Parts A and B as quickly as possible, while still studying as a student, then Part C once returning to Canada. This way avoids unnecessary wait times and procrastination for registration in Canada. Once you pass the board exams, you can then obtain your chiropractic license and insurance in any Canadian province or territory.
At this time, I am now practicing full time in New Brunswick and often find myself reflecting on the positive student experience I had at Macquarie University. Anyone fortunate enough to study at this fabulous institution will not only receive an excellent education, but also an amazing cultural experience of living in Australia.

Macquarie University Chiropractic Degrees

Students wishing to gain qualifications leading to professional registration as a chiropractor in Canada must undertake a recognised program of study of not less than 4,500 hours. Macquarie’s program structure involves completion of the Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and completion of the Master of Chiropractic. Combined, these two degrees taken over five years are equivalent to the Doctor of Chiropractic offered at other institutions. Students undertake 12 months of clinical practice at one of the university’s three chiropractic clinics prior to graduation.

Bachelor of Chiropractic

Program: Bachelor of Chiropractic Science
Location: North Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 3 years
Application deadline: Rolling admissions. The sooner you apply the better.

Master of Chiropractic

Program: Master of Chiropractic
Location: North Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 2 – 3 years (dependent upon candidate’s background)
Application deadline: Rolling admissions. The sooner you apply the better.

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