Learning and teaching methods within the Master of Chiropractic

8 December 2016

Students undertaking the Master of Chiropractic degree at Macquarie University will find their learning and development facilitated by a number of different teaching methods.
The variety of teaching methods are intended to meet the various learning styles students have, and in this way enable them to master the requirements of this discipline. The acquisition of knowledge and skills is discipline specific and is determined by the independent accrediting body, the Council on Chiropractic Education Australasia (CCEA).

Learning and teaching methods within the Master of Chiropractic
Macquarie chiropractic students (Image: Macquarie University)

The content in the Master of Chiropractic builds upon the framework that is developed in prior undergraduate studies. Lectures, tutorials and practical sessions are used to help students gain the clinical knowledge and high-level technical-skills necessary for a chiropractic practitioner. These are further enhanced through readings and online presentations. There is an emphasis on case-based scenarios which prepare students for real life clinical encounters. Equal importance is given to the theoretical and practical components in the course so that students may become proficient at operating in a clinical environment.
A large component of the final year, and a culmination of much of what students have learned in the program, is the clinical internship. Final-year students will serve as a chiropractic intern at one of the three Macquarie University Chiropractic Outpatient Clinics and Research centres. The structure of this internship is designed to hone clinical capacity in a safe and fully supervised clinical environment. Students will be given the opportunity to interact with, diagnose, and formulate management plans for the patients. Clinical placements are also arranged so that students will be exposed to a variety of patient profiles and healthcare settings. Students are encouraged to co-manage patients with other healthcare professionals, which will foster interpersonal and professional communication skills.
In order to develop an evidence-based approach to the profession, there is an emphasis on research methodology and research development, culminating in a fifth-year research project. Exposure to the appraisal of research papers throughout this program develops the skills necessary for students to comprehend and appraise clinical research and incorporate this into  clinical practice.

Macquarie University Master of Chiropractic

Program: Master of Chiropractic
Location: North Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 2 – 3 years (dependent upon candidate’s background)
Application deadline: Rolling admissions. Applications close when the program is filled. The sooner you apply the better.

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