JCU's Master of Public Health (Aeromedical Retrieval)

28 January 2014

Are you looking for an interesting career? Tired of the usual butcher, baker, candlestick maker? How about aeromedical retrieval?

JCU Public Health School
Study aeromedical retrieval at JCU

Aeromedical retrieval is concerned primarily with the transport of patients via a properly managed aeromedical evacuation system. It provides students with an overview of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the successful management of aeromedical retrieval in the Australian and global context. This degree is particularly relevant to emergency physicians, ship’s doctors, flight nurses and paramedics.
The beauty of the Master of Public Health at James Cook University is that it enables health professionals to gain postgraduate qualifications in the public health sector and is designed to serve the needs of health professionals in rural and remote areas, particularly in the tropics. Among the majors is areomedical retrieval.
JCU graduates are committed to lifelong learning, intellectual development, and to the display of exemplary personal, professional and ethical standards. They have a sense of their place in the tropics and are charged with professional, community, and environmental responsibility. JCU graduates appreciate the need to embrace and be acquainted with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Australia. They are committed to reconciliation, diversity and sustainability. They exhibit a willingness to lead and to contribute to the intellectual, environmental, cultural, economic and social challenges of regional, national, and international communities of the tropics.
Upon successful completion of the Master of Public Health, graduates will be able to

  • critically assess, analyze and communicate public health information relevant to tropical, rural, remote and Indigenous communities;
  • devise appropriate strategies to detect, prevent and control communicable and non-communicable diseases ensuring safe and healthy environments for tropical, rural, remote and Indigenous communities;
  • critically reflect upon the socioecological nature of health promotion and its application in optimizing the health and well-being of tropical, rural, remote and Indigenous communities;
  • apply advanced human, project and organizational management skills within a public health and policy context which lead to efficient and equitable gains in public health; and
  • critically reflect upon and engage in professional public health practice based on ethical decision-making using an evidence-based approach.
  • upon successful completion of the course, graduates will apply knowledge of research principles and methods to design, evaluate, analyze and implement contemporary public health practice or scholarship.

Graduates with an Aeromedical Retrieval major will also be able to

  • demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the epidemiology, history, physiological effects, and management of patients undergoing aeromedical retrieval in a range of aircraft and settings including the impact of ethical, cultural, legal and financial issues.

Find out more about how you can apply to public health at James Cook University! Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Public Health Schools Admissions Officer Rachel Brady at  rachel@oztrekk.com or call toll free in Canada at 1 866-698-7355.