JCU medical students run for cystic fibrosis

23 May 2014

A team of second-year JCU Medical School will be breathing deeply for those who can’t by running in the 65 Roses Challenge for cystic fibrosis in Townsville this Sunday, May 25.

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The students learned about cystic fibrosis in their respiratory medicine classes and were inspired to take up the cause.
Mallory Van Wensveen, Renee Guesnon, Eliza Billington, Madeleine Grace Storey and Elicia Tyerman will run 65 km (relay style) on treadmills at Zoo Health and Fitness, to raise not only funds, but also much-needed awareness of this debilitating condition.
Cystic fibrosis, or CF, is a serious genetic condition affecting the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems.
People with CF develop an abnormally large amount of excessively thick and sticky mucus within the lungs, the airways, and the digestive system. The mucus decreases the release and production of digestive enzymes from the pancreas and traps bacteria in the lungs resulting in recurrent infections which lead to irreversible damage.
Lung failure is the major cause of death for someone with CF.
CF is the most common recessive genetic condition, and affects 1 in 2500 Australian children born each year, and at present there is no cure.
There are 29 children affected by cystic fibrosis in the Townsville region.
To raise funds to support CF research, the JCU team held a breakfast barbecue on Wednesday, May 21.
The team is also encouraging everyone to wear red and make a gold coin donation. All funds raised support Cystic Fibrosis Australia.
Staff, students and members of the community are urged to come along and support this great cause.

Interested in JCU Medical School?

Ms Pamela Stronach, Faculty Executive Officer, and Mrs. Sandra Hurlock, Associate Faculty Registrar, will be visiting Canada to conduct interviews for those interested in gaining entry into the JCU Medical School.
With interviews being a part of the application process to the JCU Medical School program, students can complete this application prerequisite in Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver. For the 2015 intake, JCU will hold interviews with eligible international applicants from Canada either

  • in person in Canada this June; or
  • via videoconferencing following the August 29 program application deadline.

About the Interviews

An interview is a necessary component of the admission process for entry into the JCU Medical School and it is strongly encouraged that you undertake the interviews for the JCU medical program earlier rather than later.
It is important to note that the majority of those that have been successful in gaining admission in to the medical program at James Cook University have interviewed in person in Canada, with many receiving offers prior to the application deadline. It is recommended that you undertake and participate in the in-person interviews in Canada in June.

Interviews Schedule

Vancouver: Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Calgary: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Toronto: Thursday, June 19 & Friday, June 20, 2014

To Schedule an Interview

Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Medical Schools Officer Broghan Dean at broghan@oztrekk.com.
You do not need to submit a complete application at this stage to be considered for an interview; however, you will need to provide OzTREKK with a copy of your official transcript (or interim transcript) to verify your eligibility for an interview.

Entry Requirements for the JCU Medical Program

Entry into the JCU MBBS program is directly from high school. Students may also transfer into the program during their undergraduate degree or at the completion of their undergraduate degree.

  • High school cumulative average necessary to be considered is a minimum of 85% in Grade 12 subjects, including prerequisite subject grades.
  • If you are applying to the program after you have partially or fully completed your post-secondary studies, you should have a Canadian GPA of 80% cumulative average across all university studies, but to have a competitive application, applicants should have achieved at least an 82% cumulative average.
  • Interview: held in-person and via video conference

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Do you have questions about JCU Medical School or about the in-person interviews? Contact OzTREKK’s Australian Medical Schools Officer Broghan Dean at broghan@oztrekk.com or call 1-866-698-7355 (toll free in Canada) for more information about how you can study in Australia!