JCU Medical School student receives award for research

27 June 2016

Sixth-year JCU Medical School student Chloe McKenna has been awarded Best Research Paper Prize at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons 2016 Annual Scientific Congress in the specialty program of Rural Surgery.
Chloe’s presentation, Quality of life outcome comparisons examining sacral nerve stimulation and biofeedback as management of faecal incontinence, was based on her honours research.

 JCU med student receives award for research
Chloe has received the award for best research (Photo credit: JCU)

Chloe said presenting was a great experience, but she never expected to win.
“It was great being able to share my preliminary findings with other clinicians,” she said. “Winning was a huge surprise.”
Being from a dietetics background, Chloe’s research stemmed from her interest in gastrointestinal issues.
Chloe said faecal incontinence was much more prevalent than people thought.
“In north and far north Queensland 12.8 per cent of people experience faecal incontinence,” Chloe said.
“It is non-discriminatory and can affect people of any age.
“This research looks at two different ways faecal incontinence is treated and will hopefully help us conclude which one delivers better outcomes for patients.”
Chloe, who completed her PhD through the College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences, said she was grateful to her supervisors, including James Cook University‘s Professor and Townsville Hospital Head of Surgery Yik-Hong Ho, for their support.
Chloe is also hoping to also submit her research at this year’s Townsville Health Research Week symposium.
“I am hopeful that the research will have reached some conclusions by September and we will be able to share them at Research Week,” she said.

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