JCU Dental School facilities

20 October 2014

Have you received an offer to JCU Dental School? If you’ve received an offer for the 2015 intake, be sure to check the lapse date on your offer letter! Did you know that approximately the majority of international students who began the Bachelor of Dental Surgery program in 2014 applied through OzTREKK?

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Study dentistry at the JCU Dental School, Cairns

It’s true! OzTREKK students who attend the dental school can’t stop raving about the impeccable facilities and training areas—not to mention the incredible tropical views! Here’s a little info about dental school and its facilities, its clinic JCU Dental, and a rundown of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery program.

About JCU Dental School

The James Cook University Dental School was established in 2008 in response to the challenges presented by the oral health needs of northern Australia, and its foundation is part of the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences’ strong commitment to the provision of professional health education in the area. JCU Dental School is one of only three dental schools in Australia located outside a capital city. The school’s establishment was funded by a grant of $52.5m from the Federal Government. The new, purpose-built building on the Smithfield campus of the university opened at the beginning of 2011. A new building to house JCU Dental, next door to the Discipline of Dentistry School Building, opened in February 2012.

JCU Dental School Facilities

JCU Dental is a dental clinic which is open to the public and fitted with 14 treatment bays and one master treatment room, the “JCU Dental” opened in February 2012. Services include anything from a simple checkup and clean to specialized dental surgery. As part of the JCU Dental mission, the clinic also delivers emergency and after-hours care services when required and specialist procedures referred by local clinical practitioners.
Prosthodontics Lab: Seats 40 students
Microbiology/Physiology Lab: Seats 60 students

About the JCU Dental Clinic

James Cook University can boast among the best facilities in the world for teaching dentistry. JCU Dental opened the doors of its new $25-million student dental clinic at Smithfield in 2012 and is quickly working its way through the 2,000 patients who were on the waiting list! The JCU Dental Director of Clinical Dentistry stated, “If they’re seeing three patients a day, we could get through 240 to 250 patients a day.” An outstanding team of students and other clinical professionals aim to serve north Queensland’s dental patients. JCU Dental is a teaching clinic. Patient treatments are performed by senior JCU Dentistry students under the close supervision of experienced clinical supervisors. All treatment is fully supervised and only students in their third and subsequent years of the BDS perform treatments.
JCU Dental aims to support the vision of James Cook University Discipline of Dentistry through

  • provision of clinical experience to dental students;
  • comprehensive dental care to the public of northern Queensland;
  • emergency and After Hours dental care services when required;
  • provision of specialist procedures referred by local clinical practitioners;
  • imaging service for dental and specialist practitioners; and
  • provision of a clinical education and research environment.

JCU Bachelor of Dental Surgery

The BDS program at JCU is a five-year undergraduate degree that provides students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become competent practitioners of dentistry. It is a broad-based program which includes all aspects of dental practice but also has a special focus on issues of special concern to the northern Australian region, particularly those relating to tropical, rural and Indigenous practice.

Learn more about JCU Dental School’s Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) program. For more information, contact OzTREKK’s Australian Dental Schools Admissions Officer Adam Smith  at adam@oztrekk.com or call toll free 1-866-698-7355.