Introducing OzTREKK’s Study in Australia podcast

21 September 2020

OzTREKK’s Study in Australia podcast

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Our first favourite thing? We love helping students achieve their career dreams.

Our second favourite thing? We love answering your questions!

In order to help answer questions, we created the OzTREKK Study in Australia Podcast. We know you love our webinars, blogs, takeovers, and videos, but we also know that you’re on the move. So, here’s one more way to get great information about your most-asked questions, about degrees at Australian universities, and what to expect when you finally get to beautiful Australia.

What’s the first episode about?

We know that studying in Australia isn’t just about gaining a top-notch education. It’s also about embracing adventure and exploration. We also know that you’re eager to hear that lovely Aussie accent.

So, in our first episode, OzTREKK’s Anna sat down with three third-year Macquarie University Medical School students to chat with them about their experience in general in the MD program and their clinical placement in bustling Hyderabad, India.

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Here’s what we covered!

  • The highlights of the Macquarie MD program
  • The challenges of the Macquarie MD program
  • Their expectations going into the Indian clinical placement
  • Memorable moments at Apollo hospital
  • Language barriers in India
  • What it’s like to live in Hyderabad
  • The design of the Macquarie MD program
  • Indian private and public hospital systems
  • Macquarie University Medicine Society
  • Working in Apollo Hospital
  • Free-time activities in India
  • Research opportunities at Macquarie University
  • Advice for incoming students

Don’t miss Episode 2!

We’ll be going over your frequently asked questions of course! But here’s the catch: we need your questions. So, if there are topics that you’ve been wondering about, let us know by sending an email to and your question could be featured in our next episode!