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19 July 2021

Why is Monash Pharmacy School so popular?

Is studying pharmacy at a top-ranked university something you’re considering? If so, you’ll want to consider the Monash pharmacy program.

Monash University Pharmacy
Learn more about how you can study at the #1 pharmacy school

Monash recently hosted a webinar providing an inside look into the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) / Master of Pharmacy program. We’ve noted some key points from that webinar!

Monash Reputation
According to the QS World University Rankings 2021! Monash Pharmacy is ranked #1 in Australia and in Asia-Pacific and is ranked #2 worldwide.  This can be helpful when looking to network and make connections within the pharmacy field! Monash touches on the demand of pharmacists in Australia, noting there are ample job positions available. (Discussed at 1:14:51)

Research-based University
Monash University is a member of the Group of 8, and focuses on collaborative and experiential learning. They build upon their leadership in research to ensure students are able to apply their teachings in a practical setting. Students can look to further their pharmacy degree and complete a PhD, if that’s something of interest.

Pharmacy-specific Campus 
Monash University is Australia’s largest university by student population. They have four campuses. Students studying pharmacy will be based at the Parkville campus, which is a pharmacy-specific campus. This is located just outside of the Melbourne central business district.

As part of the pharmacy program students will partake in placements, some of which will take place at a hospital pharmacy. In the webinar Monash discusses how medicine and pharmacy can differ and build upon each other, and the importance of understanding pharmaceutical complexities. (Check that out at 1:17:03)

Practicing Pharmacy in Canada or Australia
Students looking to practice pharmacy in Australia will need to complete a 5-year pharmacy program. Students looking to practice in Canada will need to complete a 4-year program. Studying at Monash will allow students to be prepared and equipped for both countries! The fifth year, the Master of Pharmacy year, is a paid internship, and will largely focus on hands-on working experience—a transferrable skill regardless of which country you wish to work in. With this in mind, students can opt out of the fifth year of the program, meaning that students will graduate with a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours), and still be eligible to practice pharmacy in Canada.

Accelerate Your Degree
For students who may already have a completed relevant science degree, the accelerated, graduate-entry option can be considered. This will provide credit for prior studies and enable students to enter the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) program in Year 3. This means your degree can be completed in only 2–3 years, depending on if you’d like to complete the Master of Pharmacy. (Check out 5:55 of the webinar for a visual depiction and further explanation on what this looks like!)

If you want to know more about the pharmacy program, check out the webinar! Some current pharmacy students talk about their experience with the program. (This commences at 13:43). The webinar also touches on the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences program.

Monash Pharmacy Fast Facts

Program: Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) / Master of Pharmacy
Location: Parkville campus, Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: January (Graduate Entry) or February (Direct Entry)
Duration: 2–5 years (depending on entry level)
Application deadline: November; however, if you are you are applying to the graduate-entry program, you are strongly encouraged to submit your application as early as possible.

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