I am Canadian

30 June 2016

“What’s your background?”

OzTREKK is Canadian
OzTREKK is proudly Canadian!

“I’m Canadian.”
“No, I mean before that.” #canadianprobz
All of us at OzTREKK want to wish you a Happy Canada Day (weekend)! Here’s a list about all the amazing things we love about Canada! What’s on your list?
Adam: Definitely bacon. Maple syrup is a (distant) second
Chris: Bacon (for real), the falls are awesome, NHL playoffs
Courtney: Roots sweatpants for sure! Poutine Beavertails too!
Glenn: Apologizing – this is a Canadian strength, French Canada – a lot here that makes Canada unique, bacon – a whole paragraph for this, harsh winters – makes us tougher, hockey
Jaime: Seasons. Especially right now in the Ottawa valley. Nothing like a harsh winter to make a sunny day simply dreeeaaaaammmmy.
Julie: Our polite reputation, multiculturalism, incredibly diverse landscapes, The Group of Seven, Anne of Green Gables
Krista: Iced cold Molson Canadian, Tim Horton’s Iced Capps, Blue Rodeo, Poutine, Ontario Lakes, the Rocky Mountains and the red dirt in PEI, Anne of Green Gables
Maggie: Snow days (still get those in college), maple syrup, Roots sweatpants
Meghan: Having 4 distinct seasons, having the stereotype of being too nice/saying sorry too much, maple syrup, poutine
Molly: Freedom, that we have a queen, Iced Capps, Ryan Reynolds, poutine/cheese curds, lakes and cottages, Skidoo (or Bombardier, if you wanna get super Canadian), Wiser’s Deluxe
Nicole: Bryan Adams, Autumn, lack of deadly spiders and snakes
Shannon: Our musical talent! The Band, Neil Young, The Hip, …and on and on and on….

We will also be celebrating Canada Day, which means we’ll be closed on Friday, July 1. We’ll resume operations first thing Monday, July 4!

Happy Canada Day!


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