How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!

10 November 2017

Meet our Marketing Coordinator Lindsay Rodney. If you’ve ever been to an OzTREKK Study in Australia Fair or info session, you can bet Lindsay planned it! Here, Lindz talks about getting the most out of your very long flight to Australia!

How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!
Me on Brighton Beach, Melbourne, in front of one of the “bathing boxes”

When I first heard I was heading to Australia, my first thought was… well I can’t really say it here, but you can bet there were a lot of bad words that came to mind (in a good way).  I couldn’t believe that I was going to a country that I only dreamed of—and for work nonetheless.

My second thought was, “How long is the flight?” Travelling from Ottawa to Melbourne is quite a distance and then it sank in: I was going to have to endure  a 26+ hour journey with a  14+hour flight mixed in. I had no idea how people did it!

I’m not a person who’s scared of flying, In fact, I actually like it; however, sitting in a 2’ x 3’ area for more than 14 hours in one sitting was going to be a challenge. So I tried to prepare myself as much as possible, packing my carry-on with snacks, a book and my power cord and hoped for the best. However, after completing the journey, there were a few things I learned that could help a few of you.

 How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!
Get ready to watch!

Here are my top five tips to do when preparing for your first flight to Australia!

Download Netflix Series/Movies

This is a great opportunity to catch up on all those series your friends are talking about! You’re going to hibernate for 14 hours and come out on the other side knowing all there is to know about the Upside Down and Demogorgons.

 How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!
Take care of your feet so you don’t get “cankles”

Tip: Download the episodes in advance on Wi-Fi and delete them as you watch them; this will help make room for all those amazing pics you’re going to take. 🙂

 Get Compression/Travel Socks

When my mom asked me if I needed compression socks, I said “Mom I’m not 50. I’ll be fine!” Apparently I am 50, and I had “cankles” for about five days after I arrived in Melbourne.  When my feet finally returned to normal, I found the closest chemist (drug store) and bought a pair of travel socks for the flight home.
Tip: Don’t’ be a hero—get compression socks! Your feet will thank you!

 How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!
Stay hydrated

Bring a Water Bottle

Keep hydrated! I filled up my water bottle before I boarded the plane, and had the flight attendants fill it up when I needed it. It was helpful as then it also gave me an excuse to get up, stretch my legs and of course, go to the bathroom.
Tip: Staying hydrated will also help with “cankles” (related to #2)!

Don’t Wait to get Snacks

 How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!
Bring dry snacks you love

I flew from Ottawa to Vancouver, Vancouver to Brisbane, and then Brisbane to Melbourne, and when I left Ottawa I was really craving some BBQ crunchy coated peanuts and thought, it’s okay, I’ll get them in Vancouver. Nope! I searched everywhere for them and there were none in sight.

Tip: When you see a snack you want, get it because it won’t be at your next stop!

Bonus Tip: I suggest flying through Vancouver instead of the U.S. There are flights from Vancouver to Brisbane and from Vancouver to Sydney. This way you only have to go through customs once and you don’t risk getting delayed at LAX. 🙂

 How to prepare for your first flight to Australia!
Enjoy yourself!

Take Everything In!

This is going to be an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Don’t stress about the little details because when you’re sitting on the pier looking at the Sydney Opera House, the cankles will have been well worth it!

Tip: This is what it’s all about—enjoy this experience. You’ve made it!

I would love to see your tips and tricks to make your flight a little more bearable, use #oztrekk and share yours with us!