Health Economics at the University of Queensland

4 June 2014

Public health is society’s response to threats to the collective health of its citizens. Public health practitioners work to enhance and protect the health of populations by identifying their health problems and needs, and by providing programs and services to address these needs.

University of Queensland Public Health School
Study at the University of Queensland, Brisbane

Health economics is an applied field of study that examines of the problems faced in promoting health for all. By applying economic theories of consumer, producer and social choice, health economics aims to understand the behavior of individuals, health care providers, public and private organizations, and governments in decision-making.
Health economics is used to evaluate how certain social problems, such as market failure and unjust allocation of resources, can impact on the health of our communities. Health economics can then be used to directly inform the government on the best course of action regarding regulation, national health packages, defining health insurance packages and other national health programs.

Master of Health Economics at the University of Queensland

This program provides graduate training in all aspects of health economics, meeting the clear need for comprehensive programs in Australia and internationally. A joint initiative of the UQ School of Economics and the UQ School of Population Health, this program is designed for people intending to work in the health sector. This program is accessible to those with undergraduate qualifications in economics or other disciplines. The program offers students the opportunity to develop strong analytical skills and is a qualification which may further career opportunities in national and international health agencies.
This highly specialised program provides critical insight into the complex economic issues in health sector administration, and the economic impacts of decisions. Students may take elective courses in analytical techniques, including advanced applied econometrics, public economics, health finance, epidemiology, business and economic decision techniques, burden of disease methods, benefit-cost analysis and health and economic development.
Program: Master of Health Economics
Location: Brisbane, Queensland
Semester intake: July and February
Duration: 1.5 years
Application deadlines: November 30 for February intake; May 31 for July intake

Entry requirements

Bachelor degree in any field with a GPA of at least 4.50 on a 7 point scale; or a Graduate Diploma in Health Economics with a GPA of at least 4.50 on a 7 point scale.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can expect to find employment as Health economics managers in pharmaceutical companies, health departments, private health facilities or government and development agencies.

UQ School of Economics

The UQ School of Economics offers an innovative range of programs from the Bachelor of Economics to UQ’s flagship honours program, a range of postgraduate coursework masters, some with a multidisciplinary focus and a world-class PhD. The school offers more than 60 courses, with study areas including business economics, economic history, econometrics, environmental and resource economics, financial markets, public finance, regulatory economics, labour economics, health economics, economics of professional sport, international trade and development, macroeconomics and microeconomics.
Through these courses students gain an in-depth understanding of the factors affecting economic performance, the business environment and the role and effectiveness of governments, while developing critical scientific skills including cost/benefit analysis, statistics and econometrics—all highly sought after by private and public sector employers. The UQ School of Economics consistently strives to improve these course offerings based on student feedback sought each semester.

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