Inside the Griffith University Red Zone

7 June 2016

Griffith University‘s Red Zones provide exciting interactive learning experiences for visitors. Through hands-on technology and massive projection displays, you can immerse yourself in different worlds, expand your knowledge and explore Griffith’s expertise in science, health, business and the arts.

Griffith University Red Zone
Griffith’s Red Zone: the place to discover (Image credit: Griffith University)

A team has worked behind the scenes to create the Red Zone, from architects and builders through to project developers and the designers who have brought their ideas to life. Through interactive and immersive technology, students can discover what’s possible at Griffith.
The Red Zone contains of a range of interactive technologies that give students the chance to explore!

  • touch screen
  • projection dome
  • wave wall projection screen
  • augmented reality sandbox
  • pedal-powered generator
  • digital microscope
  • LCD panels

A series of prestigious rankings systems place Griffith in the top 3% of universities worldwide. By choosing to study at Griffith, students benefit from degrees informed by world-class research, expert knowledge and industry connections.

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