Global interest in JCU’s revolutionary IT course

16 June 2015

Global tech experts are looking to Cairns, with strong international interest in JCU’s revolutionary new engineering course, the Internet of Things.
JCU is the first Australian university to establish a new program in “Electronic Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)”, as part of its Bachelor of Engineering. It’s believed that James Cook University is only the second university in the world to offer such a course.

JCU IT School
Study IT and engineering at JCU  (image credit: JCU)

The Internet of Things is expected to lead to the next revolution in computer technology. It will allow everyday objects to have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data, creating radical shifts in the way we apply technologies in our daily lives.
More than 50 people from 14 countries have applied for two senior academic positions with the course at JCU’s Cairns campus.
Applications have been received from countries as diverse as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Norway, Malaysia and Portugal.
The Dean of the College of Science, Technology and Engineering, Professor Paul Dirks said he’s delighted by the strong interest in the course.
“It confirms the global significance of the Internet of Things and vindicates JCU’s decision to establish such an innovative course.”
“The Internet of Things will create the conditions for a new industrial revolution over the next decade, and JCU is leading the charge on educating the next generation of computer engineers,” Prof Dirks said.
The four-year degree will be offered at JCU’s Cairns campus from 2016. It will combine the study of electrical engineering, wireless communication, software engineering and industrial design.
There will be an emphasis on sensor devices, internet technologies, data mining and cloud computing.
It’s the first time a full engineering degree has been offered at the Cairns campus.
James Cook University will work with industry partners, linking advancements in the Internet of Things to entrepreneurial opportunities. New commercial opportunities focused on the potential of northern Australia and the tropical world will be a special focus.

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