Create a machine, win a trip to the University of Melbourne!

12 September 2019

Create a machine, win a trip to the University of Melbourne!

Calling all high school students!

Love science and technology? Feeling creative? You could win a trip to the University of Melbourne!

Amazing Spaghetti Machine International Contest

The Amazing Spaghetti Machine International Contest puts STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) students’ knowledge and skills to the test to create an overly complex machine designed to accomplish a simple task.

So if you’re building a machine that’s overly complex and therefore somewhat inefficient, what does it have to do with engineering (which is all about finding the most practical and efficient way to solve a problem)? The answer is that the machine is really designed to entertain and amaze, as well as perform the set task!

Who can enter the contest?
The Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest International is open to all international high school students between the ages of 14–17. Your knowledge and skills in maths, science, design and engineering are put to the test in the creation of a “spaghetti machine” (read: kind of silly and outlandish).

What can you win?
The winning team (and their teacher) will receive scholarships to go to Melbourne for one week in July 2020 as part of the Science and Engineering stream of the University of Melbourne’s July pre-college Young Leaders Program (YLP).

Through YLP, students experience life at an Australian university, explore future academic and career interests, and develop their leadership skills. They live on campus and make friends with other high school students from Australia and around the world.

Team registrations close September 29, 2019. Register your team today!


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