Clinical teaching in the Melbourne Master of Teaching program

8 April 2015

The Master of Teaching at Melbourne Graduate School of Education is for graduates from any discipline who want to become teachers.
Melbourne’s innovative curriculum brings together theory and practice in a way that will give you powerful insights into children and young people, and how they learn.
The only teaching degree in Australia to use a genuine clinical framework:

  • You will develop the skills to assess and diagnose students’ individual learning needs, and to work with learners of all abilities in a group environment
  • You spend two days per week in a school or early childhood centre from early in your studies, and are closely supported throughout your school experience. This means you can connect what you learn at university, with what you learn in school (in a similar way to trainee doctors or nurses in a training hospital), OR
  • You can now undertake an employment-based pathway (Secondary only) and earn a salary while completing your degree. With a strong support network behind you, you’ll be able to apply what you learn in our classrooms straight into your own.

What does clinical teaching mean?

Teaching is much more than passionate information transmission and behaviour management. Excellent teachers focus on individual students’ learning growth, and clinical teaching enables them to do this by

  • monitoring and evaluating their impact on learning and adapting the lesson to meet the needs of each student – rather than expecting the student to keep up regardless of their circumstances;
  • using evidence about what each student knows and understands at the start of the teaching period to inform their teaching interventions;
  • targeting their assessment and teaching practices to maximise the information obtained about their impact and optimise the chances of improving student learning;
  • on the basis of the above, constructing appropriate teaching and learning environments for every student, whatever their developmental stage and current abilities;
  • continuously evaluating the impact of their teaching, to inform next steps.

University of Melbourne Master of Teaching

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) is one of 13 Graduate Schools established by the university as part of the Melbourne Model. Teacher education graduates enjoy diverse career outcomes in challenging and stimulating settings from education through to the corporate sector. Equipped with transferable skills, including excellent problem solving, communication and organizational skills, University of Melbourne’s graduates are able to move in and around a broad range of industries.
Programs: Master of Teaching (Primary or Secondary)
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Semester intake: March
Duration: 1.5 to 2 years
Application deadline: Although there is no strict application deadline for either of these programs, it is recommended that students apply at least three months prior to the program start date. Doing so will provide students with a sufficient amount of time to complete the assessment and pre-departure process.

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