City of Melbourne welcomes concessions for international students

7 March 2014

Are you an international student studying in Melbourne? Are you planning to be? Then we’ve got great news for you!
The Victoria State Government has recently confirmed that they intend to give international students access to discounted transport, and the University of Melbourne and Monash University have welcomed the news!

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In a move that sends a clear message of support to international students, the Victorian Government recently announced international students will receive a 50 percent discount on yearly transport tickets.
University of Melbourne Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) Professor Sue Elliott said the move would help ease some of the costs of studying overseas for international students.
“As a university we aim to do everything we can to welcome international students and make their time in Melbourne a great experience,” she said. “We really value the new perspectives and cultures that international students contribute to the university and, indeed, to the wider community.
“This concession scheme is a further step towards showing international students that they are welcome in Melbourne and are supported across the broader community.”
“Melbourne is a great destination for international students. The university campus has a lively vibrancy with lots of cafes and events,” said Professor Elliott, acknowledging that lifestyle is a big part of why international students choose to come to Melbourne.
Monash University President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne AC said the initiative would help the university continue to improve the international experience for these students. The university also welcomed the announcement, and recognizes their commitment to improving access to safe public transport for overseas students and helping to ease some of the financial pressures currently placed on these students.
Monash is a known leader in the education of international students. The initiative is part of our vision to better support the international experience for students by providing specifically targeted services. Providing discounted tickets will allow international students to travel more freely and safely to and from their study campus, work or social events.
“The initiative will also help boost Victoria’s reputation as a destination of choice for overseas students while acknowledging their important contributions through providing diverse cultural perspectives that improve the educational experience.”
Monash University has over 63,000 students around the globe, with more than 13,000 international students enrolled in courses across its Victorian campuses.
This initiative brings Victoria into line with other states that offer international students these discounts. The concession fare for full-time international students will begin in 2015 and is part of a three-year trial.
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