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13 June 2014

Have you ever considered studying business? How about studying business at an Australian Business School? There are a wide range of Canadian business degrees available, so why should you consider studying in Australia?
A former OzTREKK student gives us the 4-1-1 on studying the Master of Commerce at the University of Sydney Business School.
How did you become interested business?
I became interested in business through a junior/entry-level job opportunity I held in Toronto, which brought me into contact with people in the finance industry. As well, elective courses I’d taken in my BA Hons degree had confirmed that I’d enjoy the academic content.

University of Sydney Business School
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What made you choose Sydney vs the other Australian universities?
My partner is Australian and we made the decision to move to Sydney. The University of Sydney Business School offered a program that suited my interests and academic background as well as provided opportunities that others didn’t (Industry Placement Program).
What is the Master of Commerce, anyway?
It’s effectively a Bachelor of Commerce only instead of covering broadly most if not all business/commerce subjects, you instead focus on one or two in greater detail. I’d say it’s meant for people who already have an idea of where they’d like to focus their attention in business rather than test out each and make a decision later (as in second or third year of a BComm).
What do you plan to do now that you have graduated? 
I’ve been sponsored by one of the major banks and currently work in finance.
What do you like about your program/dislike? What was the most surprising thing?
I like the fact that it gives a student a solid foundation and a chance at a second career, the flexibility in the courses, and the Industry Placement Program. I also like that it’s located in Sydney and is centrally located. The potential to meet plenty of people from around the world is also a plus!
I’m not crazy about the tuition fees as it is an expensive degree and the fact that most of the major employers do not hire international students in Australia, even after they obtain their degree. That being said, I can think of at least two or three others including myself who were able to get sponsorship, but go in knowing that jobs won’t land on your lap without a bit of effort. I used the Industry Placement Program at the University of Sydney Business School—available to international students—as my initial way into a bank here in Australia.
The Master of Commerce degree is basically seen on the same level as a Bachelor of Commerce degree here in Australia (and to be honest, you’ll learn much if not exactly the same content, only in fewer subjects and no variety in first year courses). I feel there are two useless, yet mandatory, courses that you do at the start and end of your degree which are meant to provide the student with a well-rounded business experience.
How has your time in Sydney and in Australia been so far? Have you had time to travel?
Both Sydney and Australia are incredible. I’ve had the chance to travel around Australia and head home a few times. The obvious problems that come with the country are isolation and travel expense. Also, Sydney is expensive. Really expensive, but very accommodating and welcoming. The work/life balance that most companies maintain is incredible. Lifestyle is great 90% of the year. But the Internet is slow.
University of Sydney Business School
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What was the most difficult thing about moving to Australia? 
Accommodation initially was a pain as you don’t know where to go. I would suggest Newtown or Glebe if you want to be close to the main campus at the University of Sydney. Expect to pay $250 – $275 per week for a half-decent place. Isolation from other countries. Expensive. Difficulty for most international students to get a full-time job after graduation (student internships and graduate programs at most major companies—banks and the like—do not accept international student applications).
Do you have any advice for students thinking about studying at Sydney?
Make sure you have a contingency in coming back home comfortably after you graduate as it may be tougher to land a working/sponsorship visa than you think. Be sure to look into potential employers prior to coming to see if they accept international candidates for entry-level/analyst roles. If you can, don’t cheap out and live a bus trip or a train trip away from the university. Life for international students/young adults is in the city and beaches, not the suburbs.

About the University of Sydney Business School

The University of Sydney Business School is a world-class business school at the forefront of global business and management education.
The business school also offers students studying for selected degrees the opportunity to work for a leading firm as part of their degree, through their innovative Industry Placement Program.
Enrolment into the Industry Placement Program program or unit of study is selective and only those students who successfully proceed through the selection process are considered for placements. Students from the Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Commerce combined degrees; the Master of Commerce; the Masters of HR & IR; the Masters of Professional Accounting; the Masters of Logistics Management and the Masters of Transport Management; plus those completing a Bachelor of Economics degree being administered by the University of Sydney Business School are eligible to apply. The selection criteria on which all assessment tasks are based are Commerciality, Teamwork and Leadership, Business Communication, and Critical Thinking.
The Industry Placement Program falls into three main categories:

  1. Local – placements with Sydney-based firms
  2. Regional – placements with regionally located organisations
  3. International – placements in Asia, Europe, and the US

Degree: Master of Commerce
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: March and July
Application deadline: June 30, 2014 for the July 2014 intake; January 31, 2015 for the March 2015 intake
The Sydney Master of Commerce will equip you with the advanced skills and knowledge required for a high-level position in industry, business and government. The program first provides foundational business knowledge and then allows you to develop a specific focus in an area that most interests you. After extensive review, the business school created a revitalised Master of Commerce program structure. Unlike specialist master’s programs, the MCom is built on flexibility so it can be tailored to suit your needs.

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