Bond Business student wins Prize for Excellence in Actuarial Science

23 March 2016

Bond University student James Todd has received the first ever Queensland Treasury Prize for Excellence in actuarial science.
In 2015 Bond University embarked on becoming the first university in Queensland to receive accreditation to deliver undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in actuarial science.

Bond Business School
Bond student James Todd receives first-ever Queensland Treasury Prize for Excellence in Actuarial Science (Photo credit: Bond University)

Treasury backed the venture by offering industry advice, internships to students and an annual cash prize award for the best performing student.
Presented by Queensland Treasury’s State Actuary Wayne Cannon at a recent Bond Business School Dean’s Awards ceremony, the accolade and a $1,000 cash prize went to James—the highest achieving undergraduate of 2015.
“James exemplifies the high standards that both Queensland Treasury and the State Actuary’s Office aspire to achieve,” Wayne said.
This is a sentiment echoed by James, who explained, “I am very proud of what I have managed to achieve, and incredibly honoured to be recognised for my hard work by Queensland Treasury.”
Actuaries are experts in risk management, who apply analytical, statistical and mathematical skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events. They are able to provide realistic solutions to complex problems with a long-term view.
Because actuaries are in such short supply, with only around 2,000 practising in Australia, the role is in high demand.
“Queensland Treasury is looking forward to employing our first intern in the near future and we are excited about what the future holds for the profession,” Wayne said.

Actuarial Science at Bond University Business School

Actuaries are business professionals who combine the elements of economics, finance, statistics and advanced mathematics to interpret, manage and evaluate risk. The Master of Actuarial Science is an innovative and immersive program that combines advanced mathematics, statistics, data analytics, actuarial risk theory, finance, economics and accounting subjects with large-scale, real-life commercial data analysis.
The Master of Actuarial Science will prepare students for rewarding careers in a range of disciplines, including climatology, finance, health, insurance, research, safety, science and technology.
Program: Master of Actuarial Science
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Duration: 1.3 years (4 semesters)
Semester intakes: January, May, September

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