Become a speech pathologist

27 July 2015

What is a speech pathologist?

A speech pathologist is a professional who is qualified to assess and treat communication and swallowing impairments. Typical clients of speech pathologists include children who have difficulty with speech or language, children with developmental impairments (e.g., autism, cerebral palsy), adults who have suffered brain injuries (e.g., from a stroke), and adults with dementia. Speech pathologists collaborate with clients and their families to determine the nature of communication and swallowing impairments, and devise ways of addressing them.

Where do speech pathologists work?

Speech pathologists work in a variety of health, educational, and community settings. For example, they work in hospitals, community health centres, schools, non-government organisations, and private practices. Speech pathologists are in demand from employers across Canada and Australia.

What course should I study to become a speech pathologist?

Master of Speech and Language Pathology
The Master of Speech and Language Pathology at Macquarie University began in 2001. It prepares graduates for the profession of speech pathology, enabling them to work clinically with individuals with developmental or acquired communication disorders. The program enables individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a related field to qualify as speech pathologists in two years and obtain a master’s degree.
Program: Master of Speech and Language Pathology
Location: North Ryde, Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: February
Duration: 2 years
Application deadline:  TBC. For the 2015 intake, the application deadline was October 31, 2014.
Entry Requirements
To be eligible to apply to this program, you must have the following:

  • Completed an undergraduate degree (preferably in the fields of linguistics or psychology). Applicants with degrees in related areas, such as teaching, allied health, medicine, or nursing, will be considered on an individual basis; some bridging coursework may be required.
  • Achieved a minimum cumulative average of at least 75% to be considered.
  • Various prerequisite subjects, including Language Description; Introduction to Psychology; Introductory Statistics; Statistical Data Analysis; Phonetics and Phonology; Introduction to Psycholinguistics or First Language Acquisition; Physiological Psychology and Learning; Developmental Psychology; Cognition and Perception; Speech Physiology; Human Biology; Grammar and Meaning; Developmental Speech and Language Disorders; and Acquired Speech and Language Disorders.

Macquarie Speech Pathology School applicants must submit a personal statement to be assessed with their application. In the personal statement, it is important that applicants demonstrate an understanding of the scope of speech pathology as it is practiced in Australia, since this is where they will be developing their knowledge and skills.

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