Australian university application tips with Meghan from OzTREKK

10 March 2017

Meet Meghan, OzTREKK’s very own admissions coordinator! What does an admissions coordinator do? Well, among a million other things, Meghan processes our online applications, so that means she is often the very first person to “meet” you!
Since 2002, OzTREKK has helped send hundreds of Canadian students to Australia for professional degrees. Applying to an overseas university can be complicated and overwhelming, but we are here to make the process easy. Take it away, Meghs!

Australian university application tips with Meghan from OzTREKK
Meet Meghan from OzTREKK

About Online Applications

Filling out an online application form through OzTREKK is often the first step in the application process. All of the online applications can be found at the OzTREKK Application Centre or on their individual program pages. Our online applications are processed every morning—by me!
Once I process your online application, I pass it along to the admissions officer who deals with that program. This admissions officer will work with you through the entire application process to help in any way they can! Our admissions team is divided into different program fields, which means the admissions officer you will work with is very familiar with that program area and are truly experts!
So, you have submitted an online application via the OzTREKK Application Centre… not sure what to do next? Don’t worry! Once your application has been processed, your admissions officer will email you with a detailed list of all of the documents you will need to complete your application. We help you every step of the way so you don’t feel lost or have to scramble to get your documents in on time.

Meghan’s Quick Application Tips

In order to be ahead of the game, here are some of the most common things I see on an application that may delay processing:

  • Program preference name and intake – Make sure you do a little research before you fill out your online application! Knowing the correct name for the program you are wishing to apply to as well as the available intake semesters it is offered are very helpful for us! If you’re unsure, just check the individual program/university page on the OzTREKK website. On most program pages, we’ve included the full program name, the next intake available, and the prerequisites required.
  • Incomplete applications – Incomplete applications come through the system on a daily basis. Incomplete applications will not be saved to your file, and you will receive an email notifying you that your application was incomplete.
  • Education history – It is important that we know all about your educational background. So, when you complete your application, be sure to include your correct program names, study dates, etc. This information will help us track your documents, too.

Avoiding these common mistakes mean your applications can get processed faster and you will be one step closer to studying in Australia!

Ready to start your application? Please contact us at 1-866-698-7355 if you need any help!