About University of Melbourne prerequisites

20 February 2014

What are prerequisites?

A prerequisite subject is a subject or sequence of subjects which must be completed before entering a course of study. Many programs at the University of Melbourne have prerequisite subjects that must be completed in order to be eligible to apply. The selection requirements for the course you are interested in will normally specify these requirements.

University of Melbourne prerequisites
University of Melbourne

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) require prerequisite subjects in anatomy, biochemistry and physiology taught at the second-year level, or equivalent.
The Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) requires prerequisite subjects in anatomy and physiology taught at the first-year level, or equivalent.

Has Melbourne already assessed your subjects?

The University of Melbourne have assessed a large number of subjects from international and Australian universities. If the subjects you have studied are not included in the Melbourne prerequisite list, you will need to submit detailed course outlines to Melbourne to be assessed. The university will also assess combinations of subjects if you feel that you have covered the required content.
If the University of Melbourne has previously assessed your course as equivalent to their prerequisite requirements, it will be listed on the Melbourne International Prerequisites page. If you do not see your courses on this list, you will have to submit your course outlines to the university.
You may check the courses you have taken to date by clicking on the “International” link under the heading “Have you already assessed my subjects?” on the Melbourne International Prerequisites page.

What information does Melbourne need to assess your subjects?

The minimum amount of information the University of Melbourne requires to assess your subjects:

  • Subject name and code
  • Specific lecture content/breakdown (for the relevant year when studied)
  • Assessment criteria
  • Credit value of subject and the credit value
  • Contact hours of lectures, tutorials and labs
  • Length of subject
  • Reading list
  • Lab descriptions, including details of the resources used (please state whether human cadaveric material was used)

Must I have my subjects assessed before applying for a course?

If your subjects have not been previously assessed, it is strongly recommended that your subjects be assessed well in advance of applying.  The assessment process may be lengthy, so Melbourne recommends having your subjects assessed one year in advance of applying.
Prospective applicants for the MD, DDS or DPT should submit documentation through the Melbourne webform for assessment by April 30, 2014 if you wish to apply to the 2015 intake. Applicants who submit complete documentation by April 30 will be advised of the subject equivalent before the closing date for applications.
Note: Submissions received after this date will be processed but applicants will not receive advice about the outcome of the request until after the closing date for applications.

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