About the Sydney Centre for Veterinary Education

26 May 2014

The Post Graduate Committee in Veterinary Science was formed in 1961 by a group of forward-thinking veterinarians—university lecturers, professional association members and those from associated industries who recognised during the 1950s the growing need for continuing veterinary education.

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This led in 1965 to the formation of the Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science (PGF) at the University of Sydney, which was established under the authority of the university’s Senate and governed by a Council elected by its members. Its aim of funding continuing education for the profession led to the expansion many more services.
These initiatives of 40 years ago established the world’s first and leading organisation dedicated to postgraduate veterinary education. The first activity was organizing the delivery of regular refresher courses of two to five days’ duration. In the first year, two courses were held and by 1996 there were 68. In 1997 this grew to 94, and by 1998, 102 courses were held. There has been comparable growth in our other activities covering publishing, technical information search and dissemination, distance and online education.
From its inception the PGF enjoyed the support and participation of our New Zealand colleagues. Veterinarians from many other countries around the world also use our resources and attend our courses. With the expansion of veterinary practice and new communications technology we are looking forward to increasing involvement in fulfilling the continuing education requirements of veterinarians everywhere.
On August 4, 2008 the Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science officially became the Centre for Veterinary Education.

Sydney Centre for Veterinary Education

As an established and recognized leader in continuing veterinary education, the Centre for Veterinary Education has been a worldwide provider of continuing professional development to the veterinary community for over 40 years. Formerly the Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science (PGF), we officially became the Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) on August 4, 2008.
The centre provides up-to-date education and information to veterinarians, vet nurses, technicians, carers, support staff and all those involved in the care of animals, and are committed to helping improve the health, well-being and welfare of all animals.
Education and information streams include a variety of innovative educational deliveries, from distance education and online courses to events and publications.

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