A unique start for Melbourne Medical School students

21 January 2014

Sometimes the most important part of becoming a doctor is truly appreciating the other side: what does the patient experience?
First-year Melbourne Medical School students are immediately immersed in the life of the patient, as they are cast as patients at a fictitious hospital. This initial training helps the medical students understand what it’s like to be a patient: their frustration, their pain, their confusion. A busy hospital setting helps them to appreciate the inner workings of a hospital, and important aspect of their medical school training.

What is the first year of the Melbourne MD like?

Year 1 of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) course at Melbourne Medical School explicitly builds on the prerequisite bioscience knowledge of each student to attain the requisite knowledge and skills for the optimal clinical learning. This learning is delivered in a year-long subject, Foundations of Biomedical Science. In this subject, clinical cases, lectures, practical classes and computer assisted learning will be used to develop the requisite knowledge of each student. Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology, population health and psychological science learning will be integrated in a body system approach over 36 weeks. The focus of the assessment in this subject will be knowledge and its application in a scientific and clinical context. A student conference in this first year will consolidate this approach in a conference setting.
In addition, Year 1 commences the sequence of clinical learning with another year-long subject, Principles of Clinical Practice 1 (PCP1). PCP1 will begin the development of the core clinical skills of the medical interview, physical examination and diagnostic reasoning. The subject material will align with the body system approach in the Year 1 subject Foundations of Biomedical Science, connecting the enabling bioscience with early clinical skills acquisition.

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