9 September 2021 News

UQ Pharmacy and the Future

Studying at UQ Pharmacy means you’re contributing to the pharmaceutical industry. Find out how UQ is moving toward the future of pharmacy.

3 May 2021 News

Study pharmacy at UQ

Ever wonder what it’s like to pursue a pharmacy degree in Australia? What are credit transfers? We chatted with the UQ School of Pharmacy to learn more, and here’s what they had to say!

Many Canadians choose to study in Australia? But what happens afterward? Meet John, a UQ Pharmacy graduate now working in Ontario.

30 October 2017 Events

Don’t miss the upcoming pharmacy webinars

Are you interested in studying pharmacy? One of the most common questions we receive is, “If I receive my Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Australia,…

23 February 2016 News

UQ School of Pharmacy student placements

The UQ School of Pharmacy Bachelor of Pharmacy program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society, ensuring that patients optimize medication…

The contemporary role of the pharmacist in society is to ensure that patients receive optimal medication therapy. The role of the pharmacist is constantly growing,…