My name is Gabrielle and I’m a second-year medical student at the University of Western Australia. Many people have been asking me on social media about the situation in Australia with respect to COVID-19.

22 May 2020 Events

OzTREKK 101 Webinar June 1

Who are we and how can we help you apply to study in Australia? Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on June 1 where we explain it all. PS: We love questions.

I know there’s been a lot of questions about what a hands-on program like dentistry looks like now that campuses and courses have had to change with social distancing. So, I thought I’d give you a quick rundown of what a typical day might look like for me right now!

26 July 2019 OzTREKK Ambassadors

OzTREKK Ambassadors: Overnight Trips in Victoria

We know all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and we also know that when you’re studying in Australia, you will have some study breaks. Think you’ll be bored? No way! Here, first-year Melbourne MD student and OzTREKK Ambassador Josh Walt outlines a few “things to do!”

13 June 2019 OzTREKK Ambassadors

OzTREKK Ambassadors: Meal prep tips to save you money

Although one of the things that you shouldn’t “short” yourself is on your food. I know the classic “university student diet” consists of instant noodles, KD, crackers and Uber Eats, but I’m here to tell you that you can have really good, healthy, cheap food for all your meals!