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Get real, first-person perspectives from our student ambassadors, and follow them on their journeys!

What do ambassadors do?

Eleven OzTREKKers have graciously agreed to document their journeys to help you understand more about their Australian universities, programs, and what living in Australia is really like! Get all the nitty gritty of “real life in Oz” by following us on Instagram and Facebook!


Ryan Churchill

Deakin University

Doctor of Medicine

Started: January 2020

What will you miss most about Canada? I have a routine for what I eat every day, but I don’t know if those items (e.g., Almond Butter Nature Valley Granola Cups) are in Australia or not! I’ll have to wait and see what I can and can’t get in the grocery store.

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Emma Blackwood

Macquarie University

Doctor of Medicine

Started: January 2019

Bachelor’s degree: Biology

Master’s degree: Public Health

My Master of Public Health degree gave me the opportunity to volunteer abroad in Namibia facilitating health workshops with children. This experience sparked a passion for global health!

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Jacqueline & Levi Atamanchuk

Griffith University

Doctor of Medicine

 Started: January 2020

 What will you miss most about Canada? We’ll miss BC autumns. Levi and I met in the fall, started all of our undergraduate semesters in the fall, and got married this past fall! We love the feeling of sunny, yet cold, crisp mornings and the warm colours of falling leaves. We also love to sport our predictably Canadian flannel button-ups and toques!

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Gabrielle Stratford

University of Western Australia

Doctor of Medicine

Started: January 2019

What will you miss most about Canada? I definitely miss Timmy’s (coffee, hot chocolate, ice capps), but I also *especially* miss my family, my dogs, and snow!

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Chrysten Peddle

James Cook University

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

 Started: February 2020

 What will you miss most about Canada? I will miss Tim’s coffee and breakfast sandwiches, the maple syrup season, beaver tails, apple picking and eating apples right off the tree, my cottage in cottage country, Niagara Falls and ice skating in February.

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Brittani Kwok

Griffith University

Bachelor of Dental Health Science
& Master of Dentistry

 Started: February 2020

 What will you miss most about Canada? Tim’s Boston cream donuts; The Toronto Raptors; my boyfriend; friends and family; toques. Not the snow, that’s for sure.

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Francis Tungcol

Flinders University

Master of Physiotherapy

Started: February 2019

What will you miss most about Canada? These are just a few things I’ll miss in Canada: The diversity of food; sports culture; the friendly Canadians; affordable coffee (but not necessarily the best-tasting haha); the city view; the music industry. I won’t miss the cold.

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Kimberly Li

University of Sydney

Master of Occupational Therapy

Started: March 2019

Bachelor’s degree: Kinesiology

Why Australia? What really helped me to decide that I wanted to leave everything behind and move to Australia for my post-grad was recognizing that there is no better time to do something like this than now!

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Matt Bryan

Macquarie University

Master of Chiropractic

Started: February 2018

What will you miss most about Canada? Snowboarding!

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Ali Samhat

Bond University

Juris Doctor

Started: September 2019

What will you miss most about Canada? I miss Tim Hortons coffee and Ice Capps the most, especially since the coffee is definitely not the same here in Australia.

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Jennifer Atkinson

Monash University

Master of Teaching

Started: February 2020

What will you miss most about Canada? Everything at Tim Hortons! But also Coffee Crisp, loonies and toonies, and all-dressed chips! Oh, also saying sorry frequently and it being normal.

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