The University of Newcastle

Newcastle, New South Wales


University Location Newcastle, New South Wales
Address University Dr, Callaghan NSW 2308, Australia
Main Campus Callaghan (Newcastle)
City Population 446,000
Student Population 37,000
Int'l Student Population 7,000
Semester 1 Start February
Semester 2 Start July


The University of Newcastle is a leader in university education, with a reputation for high-quality teaching and learning and exciting, contemporary academic programs.

Established as an independent university in 1965, the University of Newcastle is recognized for its commitment to equity and excellence in higher education and research. Ranked 214 of the world’s universities, the university supports local and international communities through its focus on innovation and engagement.

UON’s degree programs are internationally recognized and the university is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide.

Canadians enjoy that the university has a solid reputation and is ranked in Australia’s top 10 for research funding and outcome. The University of Newcastle has an international reputation for expertise in innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Why Study Here?

Set on a breathtaking stretch of Australia’s Pacific Ocean coastline, Newcastle is the only city in Australia where the central business district is positioned simultaneously on the beach and the harbour waterfront. The port entrance is home to Nobby’s Lighthouse and the Breakwater—both iconic imagery of Newcastle.

In 2017, the University of Newcastle moved its Faculty of Business and Law to the new $95-million, state-of-the-art NUspace facility, right in the heart of the city of Newcastle. NUspace harnesses the latest in technology and innovation in teaching and learning to deliver a world-class student experience. Part of UON’s City campus, NUspace offers university-supported activities across all faculties including

  • digital library services and information commons;
  • collaborative learning and research spaces;
  • work integrated learning;
  • facilities for industry, professional and community engagement;
  • social spaces.

Another highlight of the building is the contemporary teaching spaces, which reflect new ways of learning that focus on collaboration and group work, as well as harnessing technology. Standard lecture theatres have been replaced with flexible working spaces and booth seating. The customized teaching spaces are located on the first three levels. Levels 4 to 8 feature smaller teaching spaces, and staff areas. Scattered throughout NUspace are social spaces and facilities for engagement with industry, business and the community.

Canadians love that the university is in a city that is designed around Australia’s beautiful ocean coastline. The campus scenery is fantastic, with bushland, forests and duck ponds right on the doorsteps of the university’s classrooms. The city of Newcastle also offers a regional setting with many activities and a lower cost of living than other major cities in Australia.

Some popular UON programs for Canadians include law, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and public health.

Location Details

Newcastle boasts some of Australia’s best beaches and waterways for swimming, surfing, sailing and other water sports. Nearby Lake Macquarie is the largest coastal saltwater lake in Australia, four times the size of Sydney Harbour, and is only a short drive from the city.

With a regional population of almost 450,000, Newcastle supports a thriving business and commercial sector as well as an excellent network of health care and educational facilities. Combined with a low cost of living and a favourable climate, Newcastle represents a relaxed and welcoming lifestyle.

The city of Newcastle is about a three-hour train ride north of Sydney. You can navigate from the campus to the city centre by train or bus, which takes approximately 15 minutes (train) to 40 minutes (bus).

You’ll enjoy average temperatures in summer (December – February) of between 20°C to 28°C and 7°C to 18°C in winter (June – August). Surf’s up!


“They are very accommodating to students”

Yes, they are very accommodating to students and the city is not too country meaning there is still shops and things to do. only thing I would mention is first year you hardly touch any pharmacology.  Join st johns volunteering as they provide you with free first aid training.

UON, Australia Jaskaran B
Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours
The University of Newcastle, 2019

“I am enjoying my program”

It is a great place to study and I have met many new friends. I am enjoying my program so far. I am studying some interesting topics and I know they will only get more interesting as it gets more in depth. A lot of the material covered in first year is review from Canadian university level courses so I would suggest brushing up on the basics such as biology and chemistry.

UON, Australia Alexandra G
Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours
The University of Newcastle, 2019

“…that practical experience really enhanced my resume and my skills”

They allow you to take master-level courses as well as more electives so that gives you more freedom to choose what type of education and courses you receive. Because of the JD program, you are also able to have the practical experience working both at the Legal Centre at the university as well as other local law firms, and by far, that practical experience really enhanced my resume and my skills and definitely helped me excel in my legal practice... as well as helped get employment here in Ontario.

UON, Australia Kaitlin J
The University of Newcastle, 2018

“Newcastle offers a very practical and hands on experience”

Newcastle offers the JD combined with the GDLP....  Newcastle offers a very practical and hands on experience.

UON, Australia Nick G
The University of Newcastle, 2018


Excellent, I will be recommending it to friends from home.

UON, Australia Matthew O
The University of Newcastle, 2015

“Everyone is very helpful”

Everyone is very helpful and the class sizes are small which allows you to have an advantage. The experience at the legal centre is also a key aspect of this program.

UON, Australia Jasveen B
The University of Newcastle, 2014

“Very beneficial and competitive in the diploma in legal practice area”

I like that the classes are small for my program I like that everyone is friendly. It's a good program to apply to Wont regret it Can learn a lot from this program Very beneficial and competitive in the diploma in legal practice area of program

UON, Australia Renee T
The University of Newcastle, 2014

“I love everything about the program”

The weather, and the people, they're just so chill and relaxed! I love everything about the program. It's great, the people are great, the profs are great, the program is great! In week 5 I was already doing hands on practical experience, you can't beat that!

UON, Australia Taija K
The University of Newcastle, 2014

“My university is very helpful and very accommodating to international students”

The warm weather, beaches and people.  I like that the university is very helpful, there is a lot of support programs for international students as well as law students. I really like the campus.... It is a great experience and that my university is very helpful and very accommodating to international students.

UON, Australia Paulina K
The University of Newcastle, 2014

“I really appreciated the personal connection between professors and students”

Studying law at Newcastle was a great adventure for me. I really appreciated the personal connection between professors and students, and the opportunity to receive extensive supervised practical training made it well worth spending three years to obtain a comprehensive legal education. On my return to Canada, I was able to complete the relevant exams and start my legal career.

UON, Australia Dave L
The University of Newcastle, 2014