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3 September 2021

Story by Dr Lianne Mellin, UQ Bachelor of Veterinary Science graduate

Gatton—a small place on the map of Australia. Most people haven’t heard of it, but once you do, you never forget it! I tend to find myself explaining it as “a little town just over an hour inland from Brisbane… between Ipswich and Toowoomba.”

So, what do you do in a small town aside from study? Turns out, you can do a lot (as long as you put the effort in)!
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As I’ve mentioned, Gatton is situated between Ipswich and Toowoomba (roughly 45 minutes from each). Surrounding the campus, the main areas that people live in are Gatton itself, Forrest Hill (aka “Forrie”) and Plainlands/ Laidley. Each of these are between 10 and 20 minutes from The University of Queensland Gatton Campus.

Campus Facilities
What does the campus have to offer? Over 2020, UQ Gatton was lucky enough to get a bit of a face lift! The Central Walkway is now even more beautiful than ever… and much more functional. Feel like studying outside? There are spaces for that! Feel like relaxing in the sun between class? There’s space for that! Feel like grabbing a coffee for that mid-arvo pick-me-up? You guessed it—there’s space for that, too!

Along with the new Central Walkway, the J.K. Murray Library finished renovations at the end of 2017. I have spent many a night (and early morning) at this library, so I can assure you it is super comfortable and you can be incredibly productive there. With options for silent study, individual study and group study, this library has all your bases covered. It even has a little nap pod!

When you need a break from study, the campus also has a gym, swimming pool, cricket, rugby and football fields as well as tennis, squash and netball courts! There’s even a beautiful loop walk around the campus with lots of animals to pass along the way.

Food Options
If you live on campus, you have access to the dining hall for your meals every day as part of your fees. If you don’t live on campus, you can pay per meal. Near the dining hall, you’ll find the Walkway Café, which is a great place to grab lunch under the trees or in the sun.

Also on campus is The Coffee Container. Stop by here for the best coffee around and a cheery chat with Reggie and Co. I promise, you’ll always leave Reggie’s Coffee Container in a better mood than when you arrived!

Off campus, there are a number of eating options including Tins & Trays (a beautiful new café), Jak & Mo, Oh Sushi, and your classics like Subway, McDonald’s and KFC. If you’re after a pub feed, check out The Royal in Gatton or Porters Plainland Hotel!

uq vet graduate in cap and gown
Graduation day!

Shopping Options
Gatton isn’t flooded with shopping opportunities, so you may have to make a trip out to Brisbane or Toowoomba if you’re looking for something a little more fancy. Although, in saying this, Kmart has opened in Gatton, so you’ve got a few more options than when I was there!

In terms of grocery shopping, there is a Coles, IGA, and Aldi, but make sure you check the opening hours of each so you don’t get caught out.

The op-shops (“thrift stores”) in Gatton are brilliant. Whether you’re after a costume for the dress-up parties, a cute summer fit or a ball gown, they’re got you covered. I genuinely miss these shops now that I don’t live in Gatton anymore!

Off-campus Facilities
There are quite a few nice walks in Gatton, including at Lake Apex, the National Park and along the train tracks. If you’re keen on running (or want to be), Park Run happens every weekend at Lake Apex.

If the uni gym hours don’t work for you or you’re a girl and want a female-only gym, you have the options of The Shed and the Ladies’ Gym in Gatton, too.

There’s also a swimming pool and and multi-purpose gymnasium that you can either sign up to or visit occasionally.

On top of this, Gatton Showgrounds hosts many events including horse shows, agricultural shows, and the Relay for Life.

Social Activities
If you’re after some social activities, the UQ Gatton campus has an on campus club which is open on Wednesday nights. The club hosts some legendary dress-up parties which I highly recommend you check out!

The UQ Gatton Residents’ Club also hosts events throughout the year for on Halls students including weekly inter-hall social sports and other parties.

On top of this, all students can form teams to play social sports like netball or touch rugby!

Although Gatton is small, there are a number of activities you can participate in! Along with all that I have mentioned, there are numerous clubs you can join which hold events every semester. If I’m honest, I had to keep a diary to ensure that I wasn’t double booking myself while I studied at UQ Gatton!

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Dr Lianne Mellin BVSc (Hons)
The University of Queensland Class of 2020
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