Wildlife health at the Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science

15 May 2014

The Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science has a long and productive history in the area of wildlife health. Several research groups in the faculty provide a range of postgraduate and collaborative opportunities in studies of a wide range of native and exotic, mammal, reptile, avian and fish species. Reflecting the complex nature of wildlife disease, this research is multidisciplinary, with collaborations among pathologists, immunologists, microbiologists, parasitologists, geneticists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists, ecologists and clinicians.

University of Sydney Veterinary School
Sydney Veterinary School looks after wildlife health

These research programs also provide a rich environment for learning about wildlife disease in several undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees. These are designed to equip graduates to make a significant contribution to conservation and biosecurity worldwide, through an understanding of wildlife disease ecology, investigation, and management, and one-health approaches.
The clinical, management and research expertise in the Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science makes a valuable applied contribution to wildlife health through the University of Sydney’s Wildlife Health and Conservation Clinic at Camden. They  also support zoological institutions and wildlife care groups by providing wildlife-specific clinical expertise and high-quality and accessible wildlife diagnostics, through the Koala Health Hub and Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Services (VPDS).

Sydney Veterinary School

The Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science has a strong commitment to provide students with an exceptional learning environment. This ensures the very best start to a fulfilling, diverse and successful veterinary career.
Sydney Veterinary School’s aim is to ensure students are able to view issues from a population health framework, with a strong animal welfare consciousness, and provide influence and expertise at a local, national and global level.
To achieve this, the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program is designed with five broad competency themes:

  1. Veterinary Sciences
  2. Individual Animal Health and Welfare
  3. Population Health, Welfare and Production
  4. Professional Practice
  5. Research

Program title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Semester intake: March 2015
Program duration: 4 years
Application deadline: TBC by the faculty. In previous years, the application deadline for the vet science program was October 31.

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