James Cook University

Bachelor of Laws



University Location Townsville or Cairns, Queensland
City Population 194,000
Student Population 22,000
Int'l Student Population 6,640
Main Campus Townsville
Program Campus Townsville or Cairns
Program Duration 3 years
Estimated Annual Tuition $32,960 AUD (2023 fees; subject to increase)
Semester Intake February & July
Next Available Intake February 2024
Application Deadline Variable*


The School of Law at James Cook University aims to produce multi-skilled, versatile, and ethical graduates who have the knowledge and skills to work in a broad range of law-related sectors. Its aim is that graduates will have the knowledge, skills and attributes fit in them to take their place in their chosen career path. The school seeks to do that by imparting a strong appreciation both of the rule of law and role of law in its social, economic, environmental and political contexts. Students are enabled to understand the significance of the law to ensure stable government, economic prosperity and the protection and preservation of individual and cultural rights and the protection of the environment.

JCU Law School offers ongoing support for new law students with “The First Year Experience” program. This program ensures support and mentoring for new law students, essentially familiarizing you with foundation legal skills.


JCU offers a 3-year undergraduate-entry Bachelor of Laws, designed for students applying directly from high school or who have a partially completed degree or diploma. This program focuses strongly on learning outcomes that have professional relevance and practical application, and is designed to challenge you, exposing you to contemporary issues, the latest research and new ideas across diverse areas of the practice and application of law.

As a JCU law student you will gain an appreciation of the role of law in social, economic, environmental and political contexts and its significance for stable government, economic prosperity and the protection of individual and cultural rights.

You’ll also benefit from JCU’s community links and strong support from the legal profession which contribute to providing an authentic learning environment. The Bachelor of Laws program includes practicing legal professionals who teach and tutor regularly, providing direct access to contemporary standards of practice and networking opportunities.

A mooting competition is held each year, offering students practical experience in addressing legal argument to a mock court.


Admission Requirements

Completed high school diploma
You must have a high school diploma with a minimum 63% average, based on your best five Grade 12 subjects.

  • Alberta – Only examined subjects will be included in the calculation. Grade 12 courses start with the number 3 (e.g., 30, 35, 3000). Excluding the subjects ending in -3 (apprenticeship or workforce subjects) and subjects ending in -4.
  • BC – Must include Language Arts 12.
  • Ontario – Must include English and at least one mathematics.

Admission Timeline

*While there is no set application deadline, you are encouraged to submit your application a minimum of 3 months prior to the program start date.


“Much of the material is relevant to Canadian Law”

The instructor are great, very down to earth, knowledgeable and approachable. The teaching methods are excellent; all lectures/tutorials are recorded, which make it much better to study and learn, especially when it is exam time. For future Canadian students, the law program at James Cook University is world class. Much of the material is relevant to Canadian Law. There is a dedicated law section and law librarian at the university library. Also, the year round sunny and nice weather are a huge plus!

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Bachelor of Laws
James Cook University, 2023