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Australian Pharmacy Schools

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University of Queensland Pharmacy School in Australia

Program Overview - Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)

Click here to apply to the UQ Pharmacy School - Bachelor of Pharmacy
University and Faculty: University of Queensland
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Program: Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)
University Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
City Population: 2.3 million
Student Population: 52,331
Campus Location: St. Lucia, Queensland
Program Duration: 4 years
Semester Intake: February each year
Next Avail. Intake: February 2020
Est. Annual Tuition: $43,408 AUD (2019)

The University of Queensland Bachelor of Pharmacy program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society, ensuring that patients optimize medication usage. Initial courses on chemical, physical and biological studies lead to professional specialties in later years. Practical and clinical science studies begin in first year, providing students with a strong background in professional practice.

The UQ pharmacy program integrates six streams of study: quality use of medication; dosage form design; social and professional aspects of pharmacy; drug discovery; biological fate of drugs; and data analysis in pharmacy.


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Unique Features of the Program

Experiential placements in the pharmacist program are viewed as valuable, integral and essential for the attainment of a pharmacy degree. During the four years of the undergraduate degree, these experiential placements may be in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry or other related health-care sites as required by the teaching and learning requirements of the pharmacy program curriculum.

From 2015, all students can graduate from the University of Queensland's Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours. Students who excel in the program will have the opportunity in their final year to complete a major in "Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics." The major caters to graduates who may wish to pursue a research-focused career in their future practice in hospital pharmacy, in the pharmaceutical industry, research institutes or in academia.


Why Canadians Like the Program

Canadians like the UQ Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) program because the class sizes are smaller and staff members are involved in student productivity. As well, many of the faculty professors double as working professionals in the field. This ensures that students receive this most up-to-date and practical information.

Read what OzTREKK students have to say about the UQ pharmacy program!

"Most professors or staffs at UQ are really kind and nice. The structure of program is quite organized. I would recommend being part of UQ to the students who want to study Pharmacy program (as I don't know well about the other program). As I said, the pharmacy program is quite well organized and professors are really kind and helpful in many ways. However, it doesn't mean that pharmacy program at UQ is easy. It is pretty difficult to get the highest mark here; however, the atmosphere here is not focused on the individualism, so you can get a help from professors or tutors anytime if you need."

"The tuition is extremely expensive and though we received credit for first year courses, more could have been granted for second year courses but we were not given the opportunity. Similar curriculum with many opportunities to do well and great commitment to students from professors."

"The university is top notch, almost better then, if not better, then Canadian universities in terms of professors and buildings and student resources. Very helpful people here. Great, if you have the money, don't waste 10 years of your life trying to get into Canadian med or pharm or dentistry. Once you graduate high school, get out and apply to Australia."

"Likes: Weather (a little too hot), people, the city. It's a lot of fun, big adventure, new lifestyle. Dislikes Courses that I didn't get credit for - they are repeat courses."

"They actually have a really good program where you can talk to people who will help you get through that which is great. I like the professors in my program. They are really amazing. I have my favourite but they are all great. I like that my program is in a separate building. It's really amazing. Less foot traffic, more study spaces and feel like you have your own pace. If you want to be a pharmacist and the option of achieving that dream while being within canada and if you can afford it, UQ is a good option based on my experience so far. If you choose the accelerated option I would say be prepared for a bit of a hectic first year."

"Too many people in the class. it's a great experience"

"There isn't much I dislike about my Australian university! The one thing I do dislike is that my program's building (PACE) isn't located on campus. This is a hassle at times because if you want to make an appointment with a professor, it is about a 20 minute journey in total. However, overall, I reckon that that the program is laid quite well and the professors and administration staff for pharmacy are a great time! They help you out in every possible way and their websites have heaps of information that tell you what exactly needs to be done and by when. University of Queensland is one of the top schools in the world. Being a student at this school is a pride on its own. The campus is massive, but stunning. Things are fairly organized and everyone is extremely kind and helpful. Being a first year at any school regardless of grade is a tough transition. But as you gradually get into your routine and make friends, everything falls into place. I've wanted to be a pharmacist for as long as I can remember. The program is laid out quite fairly and the professors are generally quite good overall. Assessment wise, there are not many assignments, it's more so exams. The exams in comparison to back home are definitely weighted more (between 50%-70%), but if you keep up with everything, you'll be fine. Generally, everyone is on the same boat, so working together helps a lot as well. I find that professors here generally spoon feed you and you will realize that many basic concepts you have learned in your past years of schooling are being taught at a much easier level as most students here have not been taught it yet. This serves as an advantage to the Canadians as not only does it refresh your mind, but you already have an idea of the concepts you are being taught. Being a Canadian means that we can also apply for credit transfers!! This is honestly one of the factors that influenced my decision to come here. Education standards in Canada are extremely high, and we are not getting any younger, so being able to save ourselves a full year of schooling and money is wonderful!"

"LIKE: - pharmacy facilities are top of the line (i.e PACE) - gorgeous campus - nice layout, lots of cafes and eating places to choose from, but just hard to find at first DISLIKE: - libraries do not accomodate as many students as they should - everything closes on campus way too early - not enough places close by (off campus) to eat or do recreational activities - when I first got here, nothing worked (internet, student enrolment). - best place to do pharmacy, especially since there you can finish it in 3 years if you've done the pre-requisite courses back home (save a years tuition!) - very laid back campus if that is your personality type."

"I like that the school of pharmacy at UQ is at the Pharmacy Australia Center of Excellence. Being on our own campus it is really easy to get to know our profs and the other students in our classes. Being from Canada and having already done a previous degree, I find a few of my classmates a little immature given that they are straight out of highschool, but honestly most of them are really nice, just at a different stage in their lives. Pharmacy at UQ is a lot of work especially for accelerated students, but it is really interesting material and I find that most of the profs and tutors go out of their way to make the learning experience enjoyable. The school of pharmacy is at the Pharmacy Australia Center of Excellence which is a really beautiful and new campus about 20mins walk from St. Lucia campus. I am personally really enjoying the material we are learning and trying to make the most of the great opportunity that I have to study pharmacy."

"I really like this program, I get to meet alot of friends here. The professors are very helpful in guiding accelerated students in adapting to the new environment and the program. Each course is videotaped and posted online, students can download to watch it again to review the material. I found it very helpful for my studying. We also have our own pharmacy building where there is a small library. There are many textbooks we can use, save quite a lot of money when you don't have to buy textbooks. Food are quite expensive in university. In general, food are expensive compare to Canada. I strongly recommended to take Pharmacy program here in UQ. I really like the accelerated program, you can complete the Bachelor degree in 3 years instead of 4. Make sure you have all the right courses in order to become accelerated. My friend is missing a BIOM course from first year. He was lucky that he can still stay in second year, but he has to do an extra 2nd year BIOM course to make up for it in the summer."

"So far every experience I had at UQ has been enjoyable. I enjoy the lectures, and love that every lecture is recorded and accesible through lectopia. Most of my lectures are at the school of pharmacy (PACE), which helps form a very friendly environment among the students and with the lecturers/Professors. The Professors and staff at PACE are very friendly and helpful. I would let other Canadian students know about our beautiful St Lucia campus, the friendly students and staff, and the comfortable environment for studies. The main campus has a 24 hour library (Biological sciences), which is really convinient for me as I prefer to study to late hours. The program is as I imagined challenging, but at the same time really interesting and relevant to the field of Pharmacy. So, in four years you will be confident enough to know that you can enter the work force and be very successful in your field."

"I like how friendly everyone is, and how informative and helpful all the staff are My program is pretty tough but the friendly environment and great resources help to alleviate the stress."

"I love the atmosphere of my university, it is reminiscent of my undergrad years back in Canada. The campus itself is beautiful and many facilities for students to use. A large population of international students is present, making me feel at home and able to embrace different cultures. There would probably be only one thing that I dislike about my pharmacy program at UQ. I am currently a first year student but I have received credit for all my first year pharmacy classes except one. Therefore this is causing me to only take one class this semester. I'm finding it a big waste of time. I wish the school would allow me to undertake some 2nd year classes or allow me to be a second year and take that first year class additionally."

"Love the experience I have had so far. UQ has the biggest campus and its very nice. PACE is the newest pharmacy building recently built. Its walking distance from the St. Lucia campus."

"Like: - Beautiful campus - especially in October/November when the Jacarandas bloom. - Student services is pretty good. They're usually quick to responds to questions and concerns. (There is the odd occasion where they don't respond at all). Most of the staff in my program are very approachable and are more than willing to help. PACE is a wonderful building. There were some technical glitches at the beginning, but now that it's up and running, it certainly is a nice place to study in. Dislike: - Like all universities, the libraries get a bit messy during exam season. - There are some staff in my program that aren't very accommodating to students. - The assessments are done in a somewhat uneven way. The final exams are worth 60-70% of the grade and there are usually no midterm assessments for courses. - Since PACE is located away from St. Lucia and we are at the main campus only once a week, it does feel a bit isolated. The pharmacy program at UQ is pretty good in general. The class size has gotten pretty big recently but the learning experience is still good. We are divided up into sections during practicals and tutorials, so we still get the individual attention during these times. We have a lot of guest lecturers who work in the field. While they vary in effectiveness of their teaching skills, the information they bring with them are very helpful. The experiential placements were good opportunities to apply the knowledge we gained in class. Tip to future students: search around the pharmacies early and bring a resume with you! There is the accelerated program for students that have already completed courses that are equivalent to the first year of the pharmacy program."


Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

Practicing in Canada

1. Visit Pharmacists' Gateway Canada for information on licensure in Canada
2. Enrol in Pharmacists' Gateway Canada
3. Apply to the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada for Document Evaluation and the Evaluating Examination

Australian Bachelor of Pharmacy degrees are recognized internationally. Please visit the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada website for detailed accreditation and certification information.


Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

UQ Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours) applicants are required to have completed their high school diploma. Applicants should have completed Grade 12 English, Chemistry and Math to meet program prerequisites.

If you have commenced or completed a university degree or any post-secondary studies, your most recent studies will be assessed in terms of your grades. If you have not completed the necessary prerequisite subjects in your post-secondary studies, your high school transcripts will then be assessed for prerequisite subjects.

Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Meeting minimum entry requirements does not guarantee entry to the university's undergraduate programs.


Application for Credit

The UQ School of Pharmacy does not expect students to repeat learning that has been successfully completed at a similar level and standard elsewhere, where that work is substantially the same in content and standard as that required for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours).

Many international students with prior study (especially those with a science background) are able to enter directly into year 2 of the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours). If full credit is awarded students may be able to undertake an additional course in their first and second semesters of enrolment and complete the program in 3 years.

Please contact OzTREKK if you would like more information about applying for credit at UQ Pharmacy.


Number of Places Available: no set limit

Application Deadline: November 29; however, late applications may be accepted by UQ Pharmacy School.

OzTREKK Admissions Officer: Kaylee Templeton

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