Predeparture Checklist

Predeparture Checklist

Our Boarding Pass website is full of detailed predeparture information. However, if it’s a checklist of task-based items you’re looking for, we’ve provided one below. Let’s get started!

   Check your passport
There are currently delays in processing passports in Canada and we would not want a delay to affect your departure. Read up on what’s happening and make an educated decision about when to renew.

   Complete the student visa process
Apply for and be approved for your Australian student visa. Please confirm with your admissions officer once your visa is approved.

   Take advantage of our Boarding Pass site (Psst. You’re on it.)
OzTREKK’s Boarding Pass is helpful, thorough, and has everything you need to know from now until you arrive in Oz.

   From Eh to Oz predeparture events & info sessions
View last year’s line-up in the Predeparture Events section of our Boarding Pass. We’ll be updating this page again later in the year, so stay tuned!

   Join our Facebook group for attending students
Through our OzTREKKers Facebook Group you’ll get updates, be able to ask questions, and get to know other OzTREKKers travelling to Oz. This group is for students who have accepted an offer and have a CoE.

   Parents’ Network
Invite your parents to join our OzTREKK’s Parents’ Network. This is their place to ask questions, get updates, and boast about their favourite subject—you!

   Book your flight
We could not be happier this one is on our checklist this year. 😊

   Review and adjust your OSHC policy
To abide by student visa conditions, you need OSHC from the moment you land in Australia. If you plan to arrive in Australia before your current OSHC start date (as listed on your CoE), contact your OSHC provider and extend your policy to start on your arrival date.

   Inform your health department
Your provincial/territorial health plan can become invalid if you’re outside of Canada for several months. Contact your provincial/territorial health department to let them know you’ll be studying outside Canada for the duration of your program.

   Start your clinical requirements checklist
If you have a clinical placement in your program, review your Clinical Placement Compliance requirements and be confident that you’ve taken any necessary steps before leaving Canada. Some requirements can be done once you are in Australia. Compliance details are not typically available/updated until about 3 months before a program’s start date.

   Mark your calendar and enroll in your classes
You’ll receive orientation and enrolment info directly from your university, leading up to your program start date. Attending orientation is mandatory for international students. Plan to arrive on time.

   Cover your bases
Designate a family member to have access to your accounts and provide them with contact details and copies of important documents.

   Pack your bags – Here are some tips!

   Have access to funds
Have Australian cash in your pocket and access to other funds (e.g., a credit card). Scroll to Banking in Australia for info about opening an Australian bank account before you leave!

   Secure accommodation
You’ve got a room in residence, managed student apartment, or temporary accommodation (if you’re planning to look in the private rental market).

This is often the task that worries our students the most. Take advantage of the accommodation resources on our Boarding Pass and know that no OzTREKK student has ever been left homeless.

Visit the Accommodation section to get a general rundown of the basics. On the Boarding Pass home page, click on your uni logo in the Where will you be studying? section and scroll down to find all the meaty uni-specific accommodation advice.

Don’t forget! Our Predeparture Events page have a lineup of accommodation webinars.

If you’ve checked each of these items off the list, you should be ready to roll!