Lindsay’s tips: random things from home to take with you to Australia

27 October 2017

Hey, OzTREKKers! Meet Lindsay Rewi, a “behind the scenes” admissions officer here at OzTREKK. Lindsay works with Admissions Officer Heather Brown on all the rehabilitation sciences and various other undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Lindsay's tips: random things from home to take with you to Australia
Hanging out with the roos

Have you applied to optometry, occupational therapy, underwater archaeology? Thank Lindsay for handling all your application files and making sure everything is submitted correctly to the universities!

OK, we’ll let Lindsay take over now.

Lindsay’s tips:  Random things from home to take with you to Australia (because you will miss them!)

I spent a year in Australia, both working and exploring back in 2008 and I would like to share with you a few things I wish I had brought with me from home, as I missed them almost immediately….

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (or any chocolate with peanut butter). This isn’t really a thing in Australia. Many people didn’t even know you can do peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I am not kidding. So weird.

Lindsay's tips: random things from home to take with you to Australia
Take time to enjoy your trip!

I am a hot sauce fan, especially Frank’s RedHot sauce, and I couldn’t find this anywhere over there. Super depressing! So if you are like me, you better plan to bring a big bottle with you! (Although pack some soft stuff around it in your suitcase so you don’t end up with a hot sauce explosion in your bag!).

If you are going to be in Australia at Christmas time, bring a few Christmas reminders from home to help with the holidays. I found it super hard to get ready for Christmas in 40° heat and beach days. So my mom sent me a care package with all my favourite Christmas movies, my stocking (filled with Canadian treats) and a few decorations from the tree that reminded me of home.

For my carry-on luggage, I opted for a hiking backpack with a laptop compartment and expandable areas, so that I could also use it for travel and adventures once in Australia. This was such a smart purchase and I highly recommend it!

Aside from that, my greatest tip is to make the most of your time! Do as many adventures and day trips that you can. See everything! Take risks! You’ll come back with sooo many incredible stories. 😊

Bon Voyage!


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