Bond University Law Clinics

20 September 2023

About the Bond Community Law Clinics

Bond University is proud to facilitate a range of legal clinics for the community, including free legal advice, family mediation, and dispute resolution services to the general public.

Bond’s law clinics are led by legal practitioners and supported by law student volunteers, providing invaluable legal advice and family dispute resolution services.

The clinics also serve as a nurturing ground for Bond law students, affording them the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working on real cases under the expert mentorship of experienced legal practitioners and academics. This practical experience provides law students the opportunity to gain valuable skills while making a positive impact to the community.

There are three Bond Community Law Clinics available to law students:

  • Bond Legal Clinics Program (training for Bond law students)
  • Bond Law Clinic (open to the public)
  • Family Dispute Resolution Clinic
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Bond Legal Clinics Program

Students studying either the Bachelor of Lawss or the Juris Doctor can embark on a journey of practical legal education and unlock a world of invaluable legal experience. Bond understands the significance of practical training, and ensures that law students have various opportunities to hone their skills and prepare for successful entry into the workforce.

The Bond Legal Clinics Program provides students with great networking and experiential learning opportunities for a modest investment of their time over one semester. Students experiences may range from attending court and working under the supervision of experienced lawyers, to working on volunteer projects and learning how things work in a real law firm. Volunteering in the Bond Legal Clinics Program also counts towards students’ Beyond Bond core subject requirements.

Students typically apply from their third or fourth semester onwards, and may apply to volunteer in one of the clinics under the Bond Legal Clinics Program:

The Bond Law Clinic
Originally opened in 2013, the reinvented Bond Law Clinic provides pro-bono legal advice to members of the general public who would otherwise have difficulty accessing legal services. The Bond Law Clinic gives law students the opportunity to gain practical legal experience within a law firm under the guidance of the experienced lawyers who provide the legal advice service. Bond University staff and students may also access these services—for free!

  • Commercial law
  • Property law
  • Consumer law
  • Start-up law

The clinic is now open with extended hours, features a full-time solicitor, and is registered as a legal business (Bond Law Clinic Pty Ltd)—the first of its kind for a law school in Australia! This will provide even more exposure for law students to gain clinical experience, with the aim of all law students having a clinical experience there in future.

The Bond Law Clinic is an on-campus advice clinic which provides free legal advice to small business, not-for-profits, members of the Queensland community, university staff and university students.

Climate Sustainability Clinic
The Climate Sustainability Clinic offers students a unique opportunity to take action and become climate activists. This is a 9-week program that enables law students to become environmentalists and to contribute to a safer climate future. Students will participate in the clinic for 2–3 hours per week, and meet regularly with the clinic coordinator to assess progress and future directions of the projects.

Community Law Clinic
The Community Law Clinic is a program that enables law students to gain practical insight and experience in a variety of community law matters. The clinic is a collaboration between the Bond University Faculty of Law and the Gold Coast Community Legal Centre, which provides advice in a wide range of areas including family law, consumer law, employment law, succession law, minor criminal matters, tenancy dispute, and body corporate matters.

Criminal Law Clinic
The Criminal Law Clinic is a 12-week program that enables law students to gain practical insight and experience in criminal law. The clinic is a collaboration between the Bond University Faculty of Law and the Queensland Police Service (QPS). Students will volunteer with the clinic during semester for a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week on days arranged with the QPS.

Internet Law Research Clinic
The Internet Law Research Clinic is partnered with APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre), an open, member-based, not-for-profit organization, whose primary role is to distribute and manage Internet resources. This program, supervised by Bond University academics, enables law students to gain practical insight and experience in the area of legal technology and internet law solutions. Students volunteer with the clinic during the semester for approximately 2–3 hours per week and work on projects to assist APNIC members to address legal technology, internet regulation, and cyber security issues.

My Community Legal Clinic
The My Community Legal Clinic enables law students to gain practical insight and experience across a broad spectrum of areas of law. The clinic is a collaboration between Bond University’s Faculty of Law and My Community Legal, which provides free legal advice across a wide range of legal matters, including family and domestic violence, consumer disputes, debt matters, employment law, traffic and minor criminal offences, immigration law, wills and estates administration, and family law.

Public Interest Law Clinic
The Public Interest Law Clinic enables law students to gain practical insight and experience in public interest legal solutions. Students will volunteer with the clinic during the semester for approximately 2–3 hours fortnightly and work on projects to assist non-profit organizations, charities and community organizations with legal information, and project based solutions on matters of public interest.

Start-up Law Clinic
The Start-up Law Clinic is a 9-week program that enables law students, during their degrees, to volunteer their time to provide free legal information (but not advice) to start-up founders and entrepreneurs going through the Bond Faculty of Business Transformer Program (Transformer Entrepreneurs). Each semester, law students who volunteer with the clinic will also be involved in presenting a 30-minute “Lunch & Learn” session for the Transformer Entrepreneurs on a current legal topic relevant to start-up founders and early stage ventures.

Family Dispute Resolution Clinic

The Bond University Family Dispute Resolution Clinic is open the public. Facilitated by expert family dispute resolution practitioners, the clinic offers affordable, high-quality and client-centred family dispute resolution services to the community at an affordable cost to achieve the best possible outcomes for families experiencing post-separation conflict.

Studying Law at Bond University

Bond University Juris Doctor (JD) program

Bond University’s Juris Doctor is a graduate-level, extensive legal skills program with small class sizes and exceptional teaching—and it’s what differentiates Bond from any other institution. The Bond JD is an accelerated program, which means it can be completed in two years of full-time study. The program is offered over three semesters each year—September, January, and May.

The Juris Doctor is a graduate-level, extensive skills program with small class sizes. The Bond JD will prepare you for a career as a legal professional, both within Australia and overseas. Students benefit from excellent teaching, small classes, and extensive legal skills program.

The Bond Faculty of Law presently offers four Canadian law subjects:

  • Foundations of Canadian Law
  • Canadian Criminal Law
  • Canadian Constitutional Law
  • Canadian Administrative Law

In addition, students can undertake a complimentary online course offered each semester on Canadian Professional Responsibility taught by a Canadian law academic which aims to assist Canadian students with their preparation for the NCA exams.

Bond University Bachelor of Law (LLB) program
The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) prepares students for a career as a legal professional. Students gain a thorough grounding in essential areas of substantive law and access to a wide choice of law elective subjects, including the option of completing a specialization. Intakes available include September, January, and May each year.

You will also gain experience in the Bond Law Clinics, which work with the profession and community on a pro-bono basis or to compete internationally or domestically in one of Bond’s many pre-eminent moot teams.

You may choose to complete an optional law specialization in one of the following areas:

  • Canadian Law and Practice
  • Contemporary Legal Issues
  • Corporate and Commercial Law
  • International and Comparative Law
  • Legal Practice
  • Legal Innovation and Technology

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