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Why go to university in Australia?
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Why go to university in Australia?

Some of the world’s best universities. Innovative programs, some available nowhere else. A wonderful climate. A reasonable cost of living. Exotic travel experiences. Incredibly friendly people.

For students, Australia pretty much has it all. Which is why it hosts more than 525,000 international students each year, making it one of world’s most popular foreign study destinations.

Besides being a great experience, studying at an Australian university is a great way to gain an edge in an increasingly globalized economy. No matter which university or program you choose, international study in Australia will give you access to unique academic, professional and personal opportunities.

Here’s what some recent OzTREKK students have to say about studying in Australia.

“The program is wonderful. The standard of learning is high…Some of the world’s leading research (on whiplash, telemedicine, low back pain) is being done here and all the international students have friends at home who are learning the same concepts, but we’re being taught by the initial researchers. …I’m very happy that I’m here and not anywhere else.”
Stephanie Kerr, University of Queensland, Master of Physiotherapy


“The program is excellent. Small classes in which the teacher knows all the students and most students know each other. The education program I heard is tops in the country and I can see why. They prepare you well …”
Michael Mackenzie, University of Queensland, Graduate Diploma in Education Secondary


“The professors are amazing (very knowledgeable and willing to meet with you to discuss). The teaching style is innovative and interesting, the people are friendly, the campus is small, the administrative staff and everyone working here are very supportive and helpful, the social life in fantastic! And there is plenty of help available for Canadian students who wish to transfer qualifications back to Canada.”
Inderpreet Singh, Bond University, Juris Doctor


“I feel so fortunate to have such a strong connection with the Canadian dentistry students. They are all so amazing! We have all become very good friends, and it really helps to have a wonderful support network, especially far away from home. I would tell other Canadians that making the big move to Australia from Canada is an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime, life-changing experience! The campus and all facilities are very modern and the professors are outstanding. In terms of the campus, its like being in the middle of a tropical rainforest—amazing experience! ”
D. Vukosavljevic, James Cook University, Bachelor of Dental Surgery


“I really like that the program is well organized and the level of teaching is at a high standard. I can definitely see how this school is within the top 15 in the world. In addition, all my fellow classmates both local and international are at a high calibre and that adds to our learning in case-supported learning sessions. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with campus life and you are constantly meeting new people. ”
D. Chan, University of Melbourne, Doctor of Medicine


“USyd has extremely qualified and easily accessible Professors who are keen on forming relationships with students. What I enjoy about my program is that there are many international students and lecturers which help to give a very global perspective to the learning environment and provide networking opportunities. The expectations within my USyd program are very relaxed compared with my experience in Canadian universities, so there is plenty of time to travel, enjoy Australia, and even do some part-time work at the same time as studying.
C. Fallis, University of Sydney, Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery


“I love the material being presented and the hands on part of the courses. Everything I learn is very practical. I am also very happy with the friends I have made thus far. There isn't really anything I dislike about the program. I am loving life! It is a great program with heaps of good instructors that know what they are talking about. They are happy to be there to teach you the skills you need to succeed as a physiotherapist.
D. Corpuz, University of Sydney, Master of Physiotherapy


“The pharmacy facilities are top of the line (e.g., PACE), gorgeous campus, nice layout, lots of cafes and eating places to choose from! It's the best place to do pharmacy, especially since there you can finish it in 3 years if you've done the prerequisite courses back home (save a year's tuition!) It's a very laid back campus if that is your personality type.
N. Kissoon, University of Queensland, Bachelor of Pharmacy

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