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Teachers College in Australia

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Monash University Teachers College in Australia

Program Overview - Master of Teaching in Primary or Secondary Education

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University and Faculty: Monash University
Faculty of Education
Programs: Master of Teaching in Primary or Secondary Education
University Location: Melbourne region, Victoria, Australia
City Population: 4.8 million
Campus Location: MTeach. (Prim.) - (Peninsula)
MTeach (Sec.) - (Clayton)
Program Duration: 1.5 – 2 years
Semester Intake: February each year
Next Intake: February 2020
Est. Annual Tuition: $31,000 AUD (2019)

Master of Teaching in Primary Education

Monash University's Master of Teaching in Primary Education prepares students to teach in primary schools and gives them the skills to plan and deliver educational programs for primary school children. Students will develop teaching skills and knowledge in such learning areas as mathematics, the arts, English, history, science, health and well-being, and information and communication technologies.

Students of the Master of Teaching (Primary) will also study teaching and learning theories, assessment, and curriculum development and implementation. Graduates will be equipped to teach children to develop their creative, physical, intellectual and social abilities, as well as their literacy and numeracy skills.

Master of Teaching in Secondary Education

The Master of Teaching in Secondary Education prepares graduates for teaching in secondary schools and provides them with an opportunity to build on strengths developed in their undergraduate degree. A secondary education teaching qualification will give students the skills and knowledge to become a specialist curriculum teaching in secondary schools. Students complete a range of theoretical and practical studies and select two teaching curriculum specialisms, which are dependent on their undergraduate degree.

The Master of Teaching (Secondary) focuses on adolescent learning and the nature of education, classroom teaching and practice in schools, education and its relationship to society and planning, implementation and evaluation of the school curriculum. The Master of Teaching Secondary is equivalent to a two-year program undertaken within 1.5 years' time. Students will be required to undertake more than the standard annual course load to complete the program in 1.5 years.

Unique Features of the Program

The faculty's Partnerships and Placements office organize each placement for students of The Master of Teaching in Primary and Secondary Education programs, which give students vital teaching experience. The professional placement program draws the theoretical components of students' studies together with the practical aspects of teaching, giving students firsthand teaching experience in the classroom before they graduate.

The programs are also catered to students who do not have prior knowledge of theories in Education, slowly adding to their knowledge base of these concepts.

Why Canadians Enjoy the Program

Canadian students enjoy the program's practicum placement component. The university tries to make students as comfortable as possible. For example, in the past years the university has placed groups of students in the same primary school, creating a supportive learning environment for students.

Another perk of attending Monash University is that its campuses are in and around the city of Melbourne. Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and is also its most cosmopolitan city. So any type of entertainment or activity is just around the corner.

Professional Certification/Accreditation Information

The Master of Teaching programs offered at Monash University are accredited in the state of Victoria. With these qualifications, students are also eligible to apply for teacher certification in Canada.


Admissions Criteria/Entry Requirements for Canadians

To be eligible for admission, you must have successfully completed, at minimum, a three-year undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.

For the Master of Teaching (Primary), the university would also like to see that you have undertaken courses in a couple of different disciplines within your undergraduate degree, as primary teachers must have general knowledge in several different subjects.

For the Secondary programs, applicants must also meet the requirements for two teaching methods. The university is generally looking for four to five full credits in a first method and another three to four full credits in a second method. For example, if one would like English as their first teaching method and History as their second, they would be required to have completed five full credits in English and four full credits in History within their undergraduate degree.

Monash University Secondary Teaching Methods

Business, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Drama, Economics, English, ESL, Geography, History, Languages, Legal Studies, Math, Media, Music, Physics, Psychology, Science, SOSE (Humanities), Visual Arts

Additional Requirements

All applicants must sit CASPer, a requirement for many of the initial teacher education courses in Victoria. It is a non-cognitive online tool designed to assess an applicant's personal and professional attributes. CASPer can only be taken online, on specific dates between September and January.

Please note Monash University charges international applicants a $100 AUD application fee. Your OzTREKK admissions officer will advise you how to make this payment directly to the university.

Total Number of Places in the Program: no set quota

Application Deadline: Although there is no strict application deadline for this program, candidates are encouraged to apply at least three months prior to the program start date.

OzTREKK Admissions Officer: Kaylee Templeton

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