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University of Queensland Medical School

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University of Queensland School of Medicine

Program Overview - Integrated Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Undergraduate Stream)

University and Faculty: The University of Queensland
Faculty of Health Sciences
Program: Integrated Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
University Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
City Population: 2.1 million
Student Population: 45,500
Campus Location: St.Lucia/Herston, Queensland
Program Duration: TBC
Semester Intake: TBC
Next Intake: TBC
Est. Annual Tuition: TBC

The University of Queensland's medical school offers a six-year dual degree, the Bachelor of Arts/MBBS (BA/MBBS), Bachelor of Health Sciences/MBBS (BHlthSc/MBBS), or Bachelor of Science/MBBS (BSc/MBBS) program open to students in their final year of secondary school either in Australia or in their home country.

All offers are provisional. Students are required to complete the BA, BHlthSc, or BSc component within two years with a minimum grade point average of 5.00, before entering the MBBS component of the dual degree. Approximately 50 places are available for international students.

OzTREKK NOTE: The University of Queensland (UQ) is currently developing a four-year MD program to replace its existing four-year MBBS medical program. Subject to approval, this program will be offered for the first time in 2015.

Top-performing high school students will be still able to apply for Integrated Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Undergraduate Stream)(provisional-entry pathway) and undertake a bachelor degree followed by the MD. For people who are admitted to this provisional-entry pathway, entry to the MD following the first degree will be guaranteed as it is now. However, the MD program is a four-year program that must be preceded by completion of a bachelor degree of at least three years' duration (i.e., 3+4 years). This program structure, which has been designed to comply with the requirements of the recently amended AQF, means that the current six-year dual degrees with the MBBS (i.e., BSc/MBBS, BA/MBBS and BHlthSc/MBBS) will no longer be available when the MBBS is replaced by the MD in 2015. However, because of the lead times involved, no new enrolments into the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery undergraduate stream (provisional-entry pathway) program will be accepted into the dual degrees after 2012.

The University of Queensland's School of Medicine is currently working through all the timelines and many issues that need to be considered. This is a large task and needs to be carefully planned. Please be assured that OzTREKK will immediately post any up-to-date information we receive regarding this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact OzTREKK's medical programs admissions officer, Broghan Dean.



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