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How To Apply - University of Queensland Physiotherapy School in Australia

Program - University of Queensland's Master of Physiotherapy Studies

Step 1

Complete the university application form

Please complete a University of Queensland application.

If you have a second program preference at the University of Queensland, particularly the Master of Occupational Therapy Studies, Master of Speech Pathology Studies or the Master of Audiology Studies program, please ensure that you list this as a second preference in the "Program of Study" section of your UQ International Student Application for Graduate Coursework Studies application form. If you are not eligible for your first program preference or are not competitive, this will ensure that the university will automatically assess you for your second program preference.

The University of Queensland application fee is $100 AUD; however, if you submit your UQ application directly to OzTREKK, UQ waives the $100 AUD application fee.


Step 2

Obtain detailed course outlines

Collect course outlines (class syllabi) for the university subjects you completed, which meet the program prerequisites. A one-paragraph description will not suffice.

The university would like applicants to submit detailed course outlines, such as the ones your professor would have handed out at the beginning of the semester, which outline all topics covered in the course. If you do not have these on hand, please contact the faculty from which you undertook these courses, as they typically have copies on hand that they can e-mail to you.

UQ MPT Prerequisite Areas
Anatomy - One full year course, or two semester long courses in human anatomy, including

  • Systems Anatomy
  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Physiology - One full-year course, or two semester-long courses in human physiology, including
  • Systems Physiology
  • Integrative Physiology
Psychology - One semester

Statistics - One semester

Please email your course outlines to your addmissions officer.

OzTREKK Note: It would be helpful if you could copy the listed prerequisite areas above and e-mail your admissions officer with this information, listing the corresponding course you have undertaken beside the matching prerequisite area. Your admissions officer can have this information attached to your application to assist in the prerequisite assessment process. This step is optional, yet is very helpful!


Step 3

Obtain final official academic transcript(s)

Your high school/university can mail your final transcript directly to OzTREKK, or you can mail your transcript directly to OzTREKK, as long as it remains in its sealed envelope.

If you have completed studies from a number of institutions, you will need to submit a final transcript from each institution at which you studied.

OzTREKK requires only one copy of your transcript, even if you are applying to more than one Australian university.


Step 4

Submit complete application directly to OzTREKK

OzTREKK mailing address:
OzTREKK educational services
1 Sherbrooke Street East, Suite 301
Perth, Ontario K7H 1A1 Canada

Fax: 1-866-698-7311
Email: info@oztrekk.com


Step 5

OzTREKK will confirm receipt of your university application

When OzTREKK receives your complete application, OzTREKK will

  • confirm that it has been submitted to the University of Queensland Physiotherapy School;
  • advise you when an application outcome will be available; and
  • provide you with exclusive log-in details to the OzTREKK Boarding Pass, where you can check your application status 24/7!
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