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Australian Undergraduate Business Programs

  • Overview - Australian Graduate Business Schools
  • Bond University Business School
  • Griffith University Business School
  • James Cook University Business School
  • Macquarie University Business School
  • Monash University Business School
  • University of Melbourne Business School
  • University of Newcastle Business School
  • University of Queensland Business School
  • University of Sydney Business School

Canadian students have numerous options for undergraduate business studies at Australian universities. Students undertaking business, commerce or economics degrees have unlimited career opportunities, and these qualifications can open many doors for graduates in Canada and abroad.

Canadians who undertake business programs in the Asia-Pacific region gain a unique perspective and experience on the world of commerce. Australian programs have diverse and extensive business studies options, which provide a strong foundation for further study and career development.

The following OzTREKK Australian universities offer undergraduate business, commerce and economics degrees:

Bond University
Griffith University
James Cook University
Macquarie University
Monash University
University of Melbourne
University of Newcastle
University of Queensland
University of Sydney

Students who have completed a business diploma at a Canadian college are eligible to apply to an OzTREKK Australian university. OzTREKK will work with you to gain credit for previous study to help you turn your college diploma into a university degree at an Australian university.

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